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Parents Sleep On Gym Floor After Dropping Kids Off At University

Posted: 09/2/2014 9:30 am

It’s a tough job being the parents of China’s “little emperors”, the sons and daughters of China’s one-child families. No one understands this better than the parents who just sent their children off to the Shenyang Aerospace University in China’s northeastern Liaoning Province before the start of the new semester.

After labouring all day, lugging heavy luggage that their precious little emperors were too cool to carry, the parents who weren’t able to book return tickets back home curled up on sleeping mats and slept through the night on the floor in the university’s stadium on August 30, China News reported.

According to the university, more than 400 sleeping mats were distributed to parents to temporarily accommodate them in the stadium. From the images shown in the report, parents were scattered around the floor, using their backpacks or bags as pillows.

The story has drawn a lot of sympathy online; most empathize with parents’ willingness to sacrifice for their children, quoting the Chinese phrase “nothing is as touching as parents’ love (可怜天下父母心)”.

But for the little emperors sleeping soundly in their comfortable beds, the phrase might be something they fail to fully comprehend.

Photos: CFP

  • Mangrove

    “nothing is as touching as parents’ love (可怜天下父母心)”.

    Particularly when your children represent your retirement benefits.

  • lacompacida

    These kids are so lucky. The first day I started college, I was in a strange city several thousand miles away from my parents. My parents were suffering sweltering heat of 30+C, while I had to brave snow and sub zero temperatur for the first time in my life. I had to find the registrars’ office, paid my fees, picked my department, chose courses, figure out my time table, and registered courses. After that, since I can’t afford to live on campus, I had to look for a place to stay, rented the place, pay my rent, and figured out what to do for supper. That’s the way college lives suppose to start: be independent of your parents.

    • Truthful

      Chinese people are utterly useless and incompetent. This is a sick society where unhealthy, abnormal behaviors are encouraged and reinforced rather than shunned.

      This is the most defective culture in human history.

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