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Hotels And Universities In List Of Guangzhou’s Unsafe Public Pools

Posted: 08/5/2014 2:36 pm

swimming poolSome folks like to ease their way into a pool bit by bit, but you may not even want to dip your toe in when you hear this news: over 30% of Guangzhou’s public pools do not meet public safety criteria.

The Guangzhou Department of Health posted its results after testing city pools in May and June. Of the 366 pools tested, 254 passed regulations and have good water quality. However, 112 pools, or 30.6% of the total, do not comply with city regulations, reports Guangzhou Live. The report, unfortunately, does not name all of the unsafe pools, but it does mention a couple of them.

There are seven Guangzhou universities that have public pools with unsafe water quality: Huanan Normal University, Guangzhou University, Huanan Engineering University, Guangzhou Art College, Guangdong Engineering College, Guangzhou Chinese Medical University, and Sun Yat-Sen University. Furthermore, all of these pools save for the first two (Huanan Normal University and Guangzhou University) have been on the city’s blacklist for years.

Guangzhou hotels with unsafe pools include Guangzhou Haili Garden Hotel, Guangzhou Ramada Pearl Hotel, Guangdong Xingang Pearl Hotel, Guangzhou Chateau Star River Hotel, and Guangdong Victor Hotel.

As well, Guangzhou public school pools with dangerous water include Haizhu District Nanwu Experimental School, No. 6 Middle Dchool, Huangpu District No. 86 Middle School, and Nansha No. 1 Middle School.

The top three contaminants are urine, bacteria, and chlorine particles.

Photo: Guangzhou Live


Water Supply Compromised in Guangzhou Due to Ruptured Pipe

Posted: 04/11/2014 4:52 pm

broken water main guangzhou water supplyWhen it rains, it pours; but with water, water flowing everywhere at the site of a broken water main, some Guangzhou residents are finding that they don’t have a drop to drink.

Early this morning, a water main ruptured in the vicinity of Panyu and has caused a disruption of service at the South Guangzhou Water Plant and resulted in the loss of 500,000 tons of fresh water, reported Guangzhou Daily.

The ruptured main has compromised service to the southern part of the city including areas of University Town, Tianhe District and Yuexiu District. A rough estimation of areas affected would include areas of Guangzhou going north up to Huangpu Boulevard, west over to Liberation Middle Road, and east over to Huanan Expressway.

As for how bad the situation has gotten, some residents of University Town had already complained of a lack of water this morning while it is currently reported that water pressure has now dropped 30% for residents in Haizhu District. Residents in apartments above five floors now must employ water pumps to draw water up for use.

While other water plants are currently trying to divert a supply over to the affected areas, repairs are estimated to require 1-2 days to complete.

Meanwhile in the “It Can Get Worse, You Know” category, the water supply in Lanzhou has recently be found to contain benzene, causing city residents to panic purchase all of the city’s remaining bottled water.

Photos: Guangzhou Daily

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