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High School Student Commits Suicide Following Mandatory Military Training

Posted: 09/1/2014 8:00 am

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A Liaoning high school student committed suicide after being disciplined by a military instructor during mandatory school training, reports 21CN. Wang Jingwei took her own life in the early hours of August 19, jumping out of her sixth floor window in yet another disturbing act committed under the auspices of mandatory military training for middle, high school and university students.

A recent investigation of the Fuxin Board of Education determined that the school’s faculty and military instructors were blameless in the incident, contrary to the accusations made by Wang’s family.

After being sent home at the request of her teacher, He, Jingwei told her family about being chastised by her instructor and threatened with expulsion:

The teacher said my posture wasn’t any good. I said that I was doing my best, but the teacher said that I was selfish, and ungrateful. The teacher threatened to expel me.

The teacher allegedly told Jingwei, “If you were a boy, I’d expel you immediately,” and “I don’t want to see you anymore” before sending her home.

Ten students, including Jingwei, were allegedly singled out for special training because of improper behaviour. Given that the military instructor did not have a specific recollection of Jingwei, her family suspect that a contributing factor in her suicide was being taken to his office for a private talk.

In response to the allegations, the education board determined that the teacher and the instructor did not insult or punish Jingwei, and that their conversation was nothing out of the ordinary. Moreover, the instructor claims he never threatened Jingwei with expulsion. hunan military training protest

This is not the first time mandatory military training for students has ended in controversy. Earlier this month, a massive brawl broke out following an incident between high school students and military instructors sent to the school. The official report on the incident has sent high school freshmen and their parents to the streets of Longhua in protest. The report made no mention of the inebriation of the military instructors, placing the blame solely on a teacher at the school.

While military training for students is controversial, there are no plans to cancel the practice anytime soon. In fact, on August 28, the Ministry of National Defense reaffirmed the importance and legality of the training to the long-term security of China.


Photo: 21CN, People’s Daily

  • The master of none

    Still the 2 weeks basic Fcking about training is far less arduous then any summer camp activities student’s are normally forced to suffer.
    Look at Israel you want to see hardship..

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