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Man beats up doctor, rampages through hospital in Foshan

Posted: 11/6/2013 7:00 am

The latest in a long line of acts of violence against hospital staff in China has taken place in Foshan. A man, claiming to be the husband of a woman who was fatally stabbed the night before, beat up a doctor at Baini Town Huali Hospital in Sanshui District early on Monday (Nov. 4), giving him severe concussion. The man then tore through the hospital smashing equipment for over an hour, Southern Metropolis Daily reports.

A 22 year-old Hubei woman was stabbed 14 times in Baini Town the previous night and paramedics arrived within 15 minutes of being called. She was pronounced dead at the scene. The stabbing took place just outside her rented home in Xiangcun Village at around 9 p.m. Neighbours say they saw her walk into a dark alley with a young man who was wearing a hat and heard screams.

Xu Baozhang recovering in hospital, image courtesy of Sina Weibo

As soon as the screams were heard, security guards rushed to the scene and called an ambulance when they found her lying motionless. The attacker has not yet been found.

Xu Baozhang, the deputy director of Baini Town Huali Hospital’s outpatient department, says she had been stabbed in the neck, chest and abdomen.

According to Xu, her corpse was moved from the hospital’s morgue to the local funeral parlour, in keeping with its policy as a private hospital. Then at 3:40 a.m., there was a banging at the door of Xu’s office. A man burst in and shouted: “Where did my woman’s corpse go? I want to kill you!” Before he could react, Xu was hit in the head with a ceramic cup and then kicked repeatedly in the head.

“I have never seen anything like it in my 20 years as a doctor,” Xu told media.

According to nurses and security guards, the man then tore through the hospital, smashing up bulletin boards, computers, chairs and windows before finally being subdued by police at 4:50 a.m. He had loudly (and wrongly) claimed that paramedics had taken half an hour to arrive at the scene of the stabbing.

Xu is suffering from a severe concussion and has two stitches in his head.

A huge clean-up operation needs to be done on floors 1-3 of the hospital and the murder that caused the whole thing still needs to be investigated.

National-level authorities have been called in to deal with the problem of acts of violence against medical staff.

Protestors in their lab coats ask citizens to “Reciprocate our respect” and “Protest justice” in Wenling City, Zhejiang. Image courtesy of The Guardian

Several hundred hospital staff staged a rare protest in Zhejiang Province against attacks on medical workers after a patient stabbed three doctors, killing one of them.

Shenzhen Daily reported yesterday that many local hospital administrators said most violent incidents at hospitals happen because patients have excessively high expectations for medical services.

As of the end of September, Guangdong Province’s medical dispute mediation committee had received 2,995 cases involving disputes at hospitals and medical organizations in the province. Medical staff had been injured in more than 30 percent of the cases. The committee was founded in 2011.


Girl in Shenzhen “hires” BF for CNY, they end up actually liking each other

Posted: 02/25/2013 8:00 am

Chinese New Year is a very stressful time for many, especially young people who are reluctantly put through matchmaking activities by parents who fear that their children will be left on the shelf.

Many young people get round this by paying other single people to act as their boyfriend or girlfriend for the duration of the holiday. One 27 year-old woman in Shenzhen who tried to do this had a happier ending than anybody had even hoped for.

Miss Yuan, who lives in Huanggang Subdistrict in Longgang District, is now preparing to return to her native Hubei with her “boyfriend for hire” to buy a house together, Chutian Metropolis reported yesterday.

In early February Mr. Zhou, 32, received a message in one of his QQ groups that a man was offering to act as a boyfriend for hire for just 38 yuan on Chinese New Year. A bachelor, Zhou jokingly forwarded this to all of his contacts and all of his groups, pretending to offer his own services.

Yuan did not see Zhou’s proposition as a joke and was in fact so keen that she offered to add an extra ’0′ to the end of the asking price.

Although not convinced that she was being serious, Zhou started to chat with Yuan on QQ and they had something of a meeting of the minds which led to the exchange of phone numbers.

On the evening of February 7, Zhou had to face his parents in Huanggang and explain that he still didn’t have a girlfriend. His father’s scolding led him to promise that he would bring a girl home the following day.

The following afternoon, Zhou, a white collar worker who is based in Wuhan but whose parents live in Huanggang, called Yuan and invited her to his home. It turned out they lived less than an hour apart. On February 9, they met and immediately liked each other. Zhou’s parents were delighted to welcome a girl to their home and his mother pulled out all of the stops to make sure Yuan enjoyed the meal of her life.

That day, Yuan, who works as a tutor, had lied to her parents and told them she was just going to town to do some shopping. But upon returning home, she told her parents everything that had happened.

She told her parents that she wanted to be with Zhou and they respect her decision, Yuan told the paper. Now she is set to move to Hubei where they intend to buy a house together.

I suppose at their respective ages they can’t afford the luxury of taking it slowly.


School principals in Guangdong fired for asking students to buy their own desks

Posted: 01/9/2013 7:00 am

Remember images such as this one of family members carrying children’s desks to school?

Headlines were made around the world last September when it was revealed that students in rural parts of Hubei Province were expected to bring their own desks to school.

This news coincided with the anti-patriotic education protests in Hong Kong and one of the popular memes on Sina Weibo was that mainland students were so dedicated that they were bringing their own desks to be brainwashed.

Now, three public school principals in Guangdong Province were fired January 4 after they caused an outcry online for asking students to provide their own desks and chairs, according to China Daily.

Chuanxi High School, Huangpo township’s Dayuan Primary School and Zhongxin Primary School in Zhenwen township, all in the city of Wuchuan in western Guangdong, had asked students to purchase chairs and desks, according to the findings of a preliminary investigation by Zhanjiang city government.

Wuchuan is under the jurisdiction of Zhanjiang.

The heads of the three schools, whose names were not revealed, were removed from their posts on Friday and are being investigated, according to a statement released by the Zhanjiang government on Sunday.

Wuchuan is the poorest city in Guangdong in terms of per capita GDP, but educators elsewhere are not accepting any excuses.

Teachers carry desks toward classrooms.

Lin Yehan, principal of a primary school in Fengkai county, also in western Guangdong, said the government provides 140 yuan to 160 yuan ($22-$25) per student in his primary school for office expenses every school term. “That’s enough to buy new chairs and desks.”


Passengers smash train windows, flee down the tunnel after fire on GZ metro

Posted: 11/20/2012 11:00 am

A train on line 8 of the Guangzhou subway was halted after catching fire at around 7:20 p.m. yesterday, leading to many passengers being locked inside while others escaped into the tunnel, according to Guangdong Satellite Television.

Passengers at Kecun wait for the delayed train

The subway line runs from Lujiang to Kecun and the train was about 200 meters away from Kecun when the incident happened. Thirty firemen arrived at the station within minutes. Many passengers are being treated for shock but no serious injuries have been reported.

Passenger Miss He told Nanfang Daily
said she heard an explosion and saw that there was a fire between the fourth and fifth carriages.

A member of staff then came and put the fire out with a fire extinguisher before anybody was hurt. A passenger surnamed Peng, who was in the second carriage, said the fire was not big but it burned an LED sign and caused smoke to spread quite far.

At 8:45 p.m, Guangzhou Public Security Bureau announced on its microblog that the problem was caused by a short circuit in the air conditioning.

The rail company has apologized but urged passengers to be calm in such situations and follow the staff’s instructions.

There were scenes of panic on the train as some passengers smashed windows and entered the tunnel to escape. Sun, a 41 year-old farmer from Hubei Province, was taking the subway for the first time when he heard the explosion.

The dirty hands of a passenger who had escaped down the tunnel

He followed other passengers in fleeing the train. They ran down the tunnel toward Kecun seeing nothing but darkness until they had almost arrived at the station.

No serious injuries were reported but some passengers were being treated for shock.


Hero of dangling Guangzhou girl identified

Posted: 06/13/2012 7:00 am

The search for the man who rescued a girl last week, found dangling from a fourth floor balcony in Guangzhou has ended in success, according to Southern Metropolis Daily. Identified as “yellow T-shirt man”, he climbed up to save the girl who was struggling to breathe after falling through a gap in the balcony. He then discreetly left the scene.

Zhou Chong, 23, comes from Xiao Gan, Hubei Province. With the help of Zhou’s friend, reporter Yang Cheng found him in Dong Pu Zhu Town, Tian He District. When the reporter interviewed him, he was wearing the same yellow T-shirt for which he had become known.

“When I passed by Zhongshan Avenue, I saw a crowd gathered in front of an apartment building. I went to have a look, and I saw the toddler hanging between the gap of welded mesh screen on the balcony! Then I ran to her.” said Zhou, ” I did not hesitate, but in hindsight, I don’t know why I wasn’t more scared. I had to climb up from the balcony on the third floor because the baby was hanging from the fourth floor balcony, we did not know whether the welded mesh screen was firm or not.”

Zhou has four years experience as an electric welder in his hometown. He has also worked as a construction worker, and is accustomed to working at heights. He came to Guangzhou to look for work last month and is currently living with his cousin, who runs a supermarket where he spends his free time helping out.

As the rescue gained media attention, the demand for Zhou’s identity grew.

“Though we do not live in the same city, I recognized him when I saw reports on the Internet. He is a straightforward, bold man who sticks to his principles,” said Liu Hui hu, one of Zhou’s friends. ”I am glad he did the right thing, and hope he will do similar deeds in the future. But I also hope he doesn’t endanger his own safety too much,” said Zhou’s girlfriend.

According to Xin Kuai Daily, the leaders of Tian He District received Zhou, and rewarded him with a certificate and 50,000 RMB. Shi Qizhu, Secretary of Tian He District Committee, also promised that he would help Zhou get a job.

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