30 year old expat dies in Shenzhen, family raising funds to have body repatriated

Posted: 10/12/2012 2:06 pm

The family of Ryan Gibson, who died in Shenzhen Sept. 24 according to his obituary, has launched a fundraising campaign to repatriate his remains.

The family has so far raised just under half of the $8,000 CAD (51,294 RMB) required to bring him home to Victoria, British Columbia, according to the web page they are using for the campaign.

Gibson was described by one friend who donated $50 CAD as “an incredible and kind man with a contagious laugh.” Dozens of others echoed the sentiment. One friend told us that he used his experience as a writer to good effect when teaching English in China, saying “He was one of the most talented writers I have known.”

It has been alleged that Gibson jumped off a balcony and was in a troubled marriage. “I can’t believe it,” one of his friends told The Nanfang.

If you want to help you can go to this web page.


4 year-old Dongguan girl rescued after dangling from balcony

Posted: 07/13/2012 7:00 am

In the 1951 movie “Ace in the Hole,” Kirk Douglas’ cynical journalist proclaims, “Bad news sells best and good news is no news.” This may be the reason why reports such as the one about Wang Yue last year have left people thinking that public morals have been declining in China. But after an out-of-work builder in Guangzhou saved a toddler from a balcony last month, a similarly heartwarming story of selfless behaviour has come from the region.

After a four-year-old Dongguan girl, Xiao Yan, got bored with watching television, she decided to amuse herself by looking over the balcony. She ended up dangling precariously, and after a collective effort by neighbours which involved much trial and error, she was rescued by a man in a yellow t-shirt, according to local media.

Initially, the neighbours held out a blanket for her to fall into, but cars were parked in the area, and there was no guarantee she would not end up landing on top of a car. Initially, they could not find a ladder tall enough, so they had a neighbour drive round with a truck, and the rescuer, Yang Yihua, placed the ladder on the truck and climbed from there to bring Xiao Yan to safety.

In an interview, Yang rejected the suggestion that he had acted heroically, saying that there was no danger involved in simply climbing a ladder. He also said that it was not he who noticed the child dangling, but it was brought to his attention.

Originally from Dazhou in Sichuan Province, Yang has been in Dongguan for 12 years and works as a security guard at Dongguan Information Technology School. The City Government intends to give him an award.

Yang Yihua


Hero of dangling Guangzhou girl identified

Posted: 06/13/2012 7:00 am

The search for the man who rescued a girl last week, found dangling from a fourth floor balcony in Guangzhou has ended in success, according to Southern Metropolis Daily. Identified as “yellow T-shirt man”, he climbed up to save the girl who was struggling to breathe after falling through a gap in the balcony. He then discreetly left the scene.

Zhou Chong, 23, comes from Xiao Gan, Hubei Province. With the help of Zhou’s friend, reporter Yang Cheng found him in Dong Pu Zhu Town, Tian He District. When the reporter interviewed him, he was wearing the same yellow T-shirt for which he had become known.

“When I passed by Zhongshan Avenue, I saw a crowd gathered in front of an apartment building. I went to have a look, and I saw the toddler hanging between the gap of welded mesh screen on the balcony! Then I ran to her.” said Zhou, ” I did not hesitate, but in hindsight, I don’t know why I wasn’t more scared. I had to climb up from the balcony on the third floor because the baby was hanging from the fourth floor balcony, we did not know whether the welded mesh screen was firm or not.”

Zhou has four years experience as an electric welder in his hometown. He has also worked as a construction worker, and is accustomed to working at heights. He came to Guangzhou to look for work last month and is currently living with his cousin, who runs a supermarket where he spends his free time helping out.

As the rescue gained media attention, the demand for Zhou’s identity grew.

“Though we do not live in the same city, I recognized him when I saw reports on the Internet. He is a straightforward, bold man who sticks to his principles,” said Liu Hui hu, one of Zhou’s friends. ”I am glad he did the right thing, and hope he will do similar deeds in the future. But I also hope he doesn’t endanger his own safety too much,” said Zhou’s girlfriend.

According to Xin Kuai Daily, the leaders of Tian He District received Zhou, and rewarded him with a certificate and 50,000 RMB. Shi Qizhu, Secretary of Tian He District Committee, also promised that he would help Zhou get a job.