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Guy in Guangzhou calls the cops because… his McChicken is too spicy

Posted: 08/22/2012 11:20 am

Sina Weibo has lit up today over the case of a man in Guangzhou who called the police because he felt his Spicy McChicken was too spicy.

The man was at the McDonald’s on Tiyuxi Lu in Tianhe when he ordered the meal.  Apparently forgetting the word “spicy” is contained in “Spicy McChicken Meal”, he took the burger to his table and dove in.  He was so surprised at the heat he called over a staff member from the restaurant to take a bite.  That’s when he called 110, the Chinese version of 911.

When the police arrived, they encouraged the man to calm down.  McDonald’s – which went above and beyond the call of duty in this case – ended up giving him free grilled chicken legs and a coke to soothe his burning mouth.

Most netizens on Weibo believe the guy is nuts and is wasting police resources, although they do note he was able to score two meals for the price of one. One exclaimed, “This person surely has shit for brains.” Another said he should be detained for wasting police time. Another suggested he was trying to wrangle a free burger.

Never underestimate the Cantonese aversion to spicy food.

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