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Hong Kong Taxi Scam Targets Drunk Foreigners

Posted: 07/21/2014 2:10 pm

hong kong taxiA Hong Kong taxi cab scam is targeting foreigners that frequent pubs in Lan Kwai Fong and Wan Chai, reports Sing Tao Daily.

The scam works by first picking up an inebriated foreigner with the rear window lowered a few inches. When the passenger arrives at his or her destination, gets out, and closes the door, the rear window will often shatter. The cab driver will then accuse the passenger of slamming the door too hard and breaking the window. In their drunken state, foreigners have been known to provide up to HK$2,000 (US $258) in compensation.

What the cab drivers are actually doing is exploiting a design flaw of these taxi cabs. When the rear window is lowered a few inches, it can hit against the door joint, causing it to shatter upon being closed.

A number of cases have been reported to police. In one case the passenger was forced to provide compensation despite police involvement because no witnesses were at the scene.

As EJ Insight reports, Kwan Yuk-wah, chairman of the Urban Taxi Drivers Association Joint Committee, said the normal charge for repairing a damaged window is HK$300. Kwan added that taxi drivers usually remind passengers not to slam the door if the window is lowered.

No word on if or when the design flaw will be fixed.

Photos: Flickr

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