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Rwandan Expat Deported for Allegedly Molesting Bus Passenger

Posted: 09/22/2014 10:00 am

hangzhou public bus

A Rwandan has been arrested by police for allegedly molesting a female on a bus in Hangzhou, reported iFeng. The accused, Amani Edouard, was taken into custody on September 16.

Mr Zi, the driver, said a passenger told him, “There is a laowai in the back sexually harassing women.” Not long afterward, someone shouted, “Call the police!”  Zi then confronted three men at the back of the bus and prevented them from exiting before police arrived.

The alleged victim, a woman named Hu, said she was coming home from work with a woman named Wu. Hu said Edouard was sitting across from her in the last row of seats. Hu tried to sit on Wu’s leg because she was frightened of Edouard. Edouard sat on the seat Hu had just vacated and allegedly touched her thigh.

The next day, after being restrained in a special “drunken wheelchair”, Edouard denied the charges. Police say he will be detained for 11 days before being deported.

Kankan explained the story with this truly horrific illustration:

bus molestation giant hand

Photos: Kankan News, pic.hangzhou

  • Zen my Ass

    It sounds like more of a projection than reality.

  • Toothless

    Deported back to his tribe. Hutu, Tutsi or Twa.

  • Smith

    It’s not good for foreigners to take bus in china,the bus is only for the Chinese , if you get in the bus they will clearly show you that you are not welcome.some chinese will even punch their noise to claim that you are I don’t feel astonish if they deported this Rwanda guy.i just pray to see the day when this fucking Chinese will be close in this china ,and nobody will welcome them abroad.

  • Smith

    Only Ghana has the good solution when they deported more then 100 Chinese for illegal gold mining that should be an example to follow for all african countries ,Chinese are not your friend you have to know it .

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