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Foreigner Fined RMB 500, Jailed 10 Days for Molesting Dalian Waitress

Posted: 10/22/2014 6:27 pm

jinzhou dalian A foreigner in Dalian found himself in a whole lot of trouble after he was arrested, fined, and jailed for sexual assault.

The foreign visitor, identified only as Ueda, 26, was with his father on a business trip on October 10 when he decided to eat in a private room at a seafood restaurant. The drinks started to flow, and eventually Ueda, in his words, “lost control of himself” and forcibly embraced a waitress named Zhang, who cried out.

Ueda then reportedly attacked other wait staff after they criticized him for his advances, destroying a restaurant chair in the process. A table of men nearly engaged to “teach the foreigner a lesson”, but rightfully ended up calling police instead. Ueda admitted to his crimes, was fined RMB 500, and was sent to jail for 10 days.

Dalian police emphasized they followed proper procedures in handling the situation. Ueda doesn’t understand a word of Chinese, which made the investigation more difficult.


Photo: agri

  • Some guy

    I hope the fine went to the waitress.


    Is there a reason you didn’t mention that this “Foreigner” is Japanese?

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