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Creepy Expat in China Arrested for Molesting Two Women

Posted: 07/30/2014 5:30 pm

dongguan bus stopA visibly drunk expat in Hangzhou was arrested yesterday at noon after having molested two women at a bus stop, reports iFeng.

Mr Li, an eyewitness, had just gotten off the #12 bus at Bandaohong Station at around 11:30 am on July 29 when he saw a foreigner sitting on a short flight of stairs surrounded by a number of men. The men had told Li that they confronted the foreigner after he had accosted two women at the bus stop.

The foreigner is described as male, in his 30s, dark-skinned and with a goatee. The man was wearing a knit vest, grey jeans, and off-white canvas shoes. Li described him as being unmistakably drunk; the foreigner reeked of alcohol, and was holding a beer. As he was surrounded by the men, he didn’t say a word.

When Mr Li went to take a picture of the man on his phone, the foreigner happily posed by giving the “peace” sign.

The suspect cooperated with police and they took him into custody. Police sources said the foreigner spoke in English only, but the main obstacle to communication was that he was too drunk to effectively communicate in any language.

Both female victims are over thirty years old, and, the report said, were “dressed within the acceptable parameters of society”.

The first victim had her dress lifted up when the foreigner got off the bus, while the other had her buttocks touched after getting off the airport express. Both victims have come forward to provide testimony to the police.

Police say the man violated charter 44 of the “Regulations for Public Security Punishment” and will be held in detention for five to ten days.

The foreigner’s identity has not been confirmed, as he was not carrying any personal identification.

Photo: youboy


[Graphic Video] Arson Suspected in Hangzhou Bus Fire

Posted: 07/6/2014 11:14 am

hangzhou bus fire arson[Warning: this post contains graphic images which may be upsetting to some readers]

A fire suspected to be arson onboard a public bus in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province has injured 32 people, five of which are in serious condition, reported Caijing.

The fire broke out on the #7 public bus at around 5pm at the intersection of Qingchun Road and Dongpo Road in an area next to the city’s famous West Lake.

The Hangzhou Public Security Bureau said there were 80 passengers on board the bus.

hangzhou bus fire arson

Miss Cheng, 16, sustained burn injuries from the fire. Cheng said many people on board were arguing with a middle-aged man wearing a backpack right before the fire started. At least two people have already been noted for their bravery in trying to rescue people on board.

The first is Mr Li, who owns the Qiantang magazine kiosk right in front of the burning bus. When he saw smoke and flames, Li took a chair and tried to smash the bus windows to free the passengers trapped inside, and then helped people get down. Li also tried to use a fire extinguisher.

hangzhou bus fire arson

The second is Mr Tang, who was passing by when the incident occurred. He took the lock from his electric scooter and tried to use it to break the bus windows in order to help passengers escape the burning vehicle.

Reports describe the engine and the chasis of the bus as not sustaining any damage from the fire, suggesting the fire didn’t originate from within the bus’ mechanics. Instead, damage to the bus is said to be most extensive in the middle of the bus.

Police have announced they have identified an arson suspect based upon eyewitness accounts, evidence and surveillance video.

The following eyewitness video shows a scene of chaos as several people rush to try to free the people trapped in the burning bus by using such objects as a sidewalk sign:

hangzhou bus fire arsonhangzhou bus fire arsonhangzhou bus fire arsonhangzhou bus fire arsonhangzhou bus fire arsonhangzhou bus fire arsonhangzhou bus fire arsonhangzhou bus fire arsonhangzhou bus fire arsonhangzhou bus fire arsonhangzhou bus fire arsonhangzhou bus fire arsonhangzhou bus fire arsonhangzhou bus fire arsonhangzhou bus fire arsonhangzhou bus fire arson

Photos: China News, People’s Daily, China Daily, Caijing (2), Guangzhou Live


Another Brutal Dog Killing, This Time at a Shelter in Hangzhou

Posted: 05/28/2014 4:45 pm

Only days after we broke the story of a brutal beating of a dog in Beijing in broad daylight, another horrific dog killing story has surfaced in Hangzhou. This time, nobody’s pet was beaten in front of the owner, but it’s just as sickening.

An urban management officer (otherwise known as chengguan) collected a mother and seven pups from a market in Hangzhou after the owner complained the mother had become more vicious after giving birth. The officer took the dogs to the animal shelter to have them put down. In order to deal with the newborn pups, a middle-aged staffer at the shelter lifted the pups into the air one-by-one and threw them down with tremendous force to kill them, all in full view of the mother. Some were so young they were unable to open their eyes.

The Chinese internet obviously became outraged after the photos surfaced. SCMP has translated a few comments:

“If the mother dog should be killed for hurting a man, what should we do to the man that has killed seven puppies?” wrote one microblogger.

“It’s not a stray dog shelter, but a slaughter house!” another wrote.

An animal welfare association based in Hangzhou said many stray dogs were treated cruelly when they were sent to be “controlled” by the relevant government departments.

It said: “The city administration and law enforcement bureau should make public how you “control” the stray dogs … by ‘control’ do you mean all stray dogs should be killed?”

This is just the latest case of extreme animal abuse in China, and one wonders what needs to happen before dogs are dealt with humanely.

Trevor Metz, who previously owned “One-eyed Jack” before he was beaten to death in Beijing, said confiscating unregistered pets is not the problem; rather, the issue lies in dealing with the pets in a humane way after they are confiscated.

One hopes the authorities in China take his advice.

Home page photo credit: SCMP


Guangzhou-bound flight returns to airport after smoke seen coming out of tail

Posted: 04/12/2013 1:00 pm

A China Eastern Airlines plane bound for Guangzhou had to return to Hangzhou Airport after being in the air for ten minutes when smoke was seen coming out of the tail on the morning of April 10, Qianjiang Evening News reports.

Flight MU5211 took off at 9:53 a.m. after a delay of almost two hours. Mr. Jiang from Guangzhou, who had flown home from Hangzhou several dozen times and was flying with China Eastern for the first time, was decidedly unimpressed. Many passengers were shaken by the experience but there were no injuries.

A representative of the company told the newspaper that the delay was caused by stormy weather. Shortly after taking off, passengers told an air hostess that they smelt smoke, which led to the problem on the A320 plane being detected.

In February this year, China Eastern Airlines flight MU5093 to Singapore had the same problem, but again there was no fire and there were no casualties.

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