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Guizhou’s Giant Duck Disappears Just As Giant Toad Appears in Beijing

Posted: 07/19/2014 2:13 pm

giant yellow duck disappearanceOn the evening of July 16, the Giant Yellow Duck disappeared. The giant-sized Western-style rubber duck has vanished after a heavy rainstorm in Guizhou, Guiyang Province.

But that doesn’t matter anymore. Introducing : the Big Orange Toad.big orange toad

Yes, that’s a guy in a boat in front of the Big Orange Toad.

The Big Orange Toad can currently be seen in Yuyuan Spring Park in Beijing. Not many details have been released yet, but then for an enormously oversized inflated object of cuteness, we’re not sure it needs any.

We can’t say for sure if there’s a connection between the lost duck and the toad. But, toads have been known to change their shape (at least when princesses are involved).

Do you love it? We hope the Big Orange Toad is the new auspicious icon that China’s been waiting for ever since that last icon went suspiciously missing…big orange toad

Photos: The Running Reporter, China Daily


Dangerous Snail That Can Transmit Diseases With a Single Touch Invades Fujian

Posted: 07/4/2014 10:00 am

giant african snail fujian fuzhou invasion invasive animal danger public safetyFujian Province is the site of an insidious invasion, and people in Fuzhou are being warned. A headline in the Strait Capital Report says:

African Giant Snail Has “Invaded” Fuzhou, Can’t Be Touched or Eaten,
Will Transmit Diseases

giant african snail fujian fuzhou invasion invasive animal danger public safety

Watch out, Fuzhou: The African giant snail is an invasive species that has infiltrated China. The report says it can be harmful to humans and livestock. Most notably, the African giant snail is a host for parasites and pathogens and can transmit such deadly diseases as tuberculosis and meningitis.

Experts recommend to cook food the African giant snail may have touched at temperatures of 100 degrees Celsius. Just by crawling over the surface of fruit and vegetables, the African giant snail is able to transmit diseases by the trail it leaves behind.

giant african snail fujian

The Strait Capital Report says:

A snail as big as a fist has shockingly appeared on the streets of Fuzhou. Yesterday evening, city resident Miss Cao saw such a “giant snail” near Tongpan Road. Curious, Miss Cao took a picture, and then called 968111 to report it.

giant african snail fujian fuzhou invasion invasive animal danger public safety

giant african snail fujian fuzhou invasion invasive animal danger public safety

This isn’t the first time the dangerous snail has been found in China. Stories on the slithery mollusk were done in 2013, 2012 (this time over in Xiamen), 2010, and 2005.

But while residents have been warned, some of the snails are still being sold as food.

giant african snail fujian fuzhou invasion invasive animal danger public safety

A market vendor was quoted admitting the public health menace is available at markets:

They’re selling very well. Many of them are sold in an afternoon. 5 yuan for half a kilogram. These snails are both cheap, and delicious.

As per the advice of the experts, we’re sure hope that these snails were cooked at temperatures over 100 degrees Celsius.

Photos: Strait Capital Report, qianlong, Sohu, fznews, xmnn, xinhuanet


Another Brutal Dog Killing, This Time at a Shelter in Hangzhou

Posted: 05/28/2014 4:45 pm

Only days after we broke the story of a brutal beating of a dog in Beijing in broad daylight, another horrific dog killing story has surfaced in Hangzhou. This time, nobody’s pet was beaten in front of the owner, but it’s just as sickening.

An urban management officer (otherwise known as chengguan) collected a mother and seven pups from a market in Hangzhou after the owner complained the mother had become more vicious after giving birth. The officer took the dogs to the animal shelter to have them put down. In order to deal with the newborn pups, a middle-aged staffer at the shelter lifted the pups into the air one-by-one and threw them down with tremendous force to kill them, all in full view of the mother. Some were so young they were unable to open their eyes.

The Chinese internet obviously became outraged after the photos surfaced. SCMP has translated a few comments:

“If the mother dog should be killed for hurting a man, what should we do to the man that has killed seven puppies?” wrote one microblogger.

“It’s not a stray dog shelter, but a slaughter house!” another wrote.

An animal welfare association based in Hangzhou said many stray dogs were treated cruelly when they were sent to be “controlled” by the relevant government departments.

It said: “The city administration and law enforcement bureau should make public how you “control” the stray dogs … by ‘control’ do you mean all stray dogs should be killed?”

This is just the latest case of extreme animal abuse in China, and one wonders what needs to happen before dogs are dealt with humanely.

Trevor Metz, who previously owned “One-eyed Jack” before he was beaten to death in Beijing, said confiscating unregistered pets is not the problem; rather, the issue lies in dealing with the pets in a humane way after they are confiscated.

One hopes the authorities in China take his advice.

Home page photo credit: SCMP

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