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Photos of Horrific Animal Abuse in Guangdong Hit Major Chinese Media

Posted: 09/22/2014 3:45 pm

dog dragged behind car shantou guangdong animal cruelty

Photographs of a dog being dragged behind an SUV on a street in Shantou, Guangdong were uploaded by the Weibo account “Love in Shantou” on September 20, and have been reported by news outlets as varied as the People’s Daily Online, Caijing and Sina.

Details regarding this story are scarce, but the photos are horrific. They depict the dog, tied to the bumper of the SUV, dragged through busy city streets. While widely available, The Nanfang has decided not to publish them here because of their gruesome nature.

China does not have any animal anti-cruelty laws. If the driver of the vehicle with Guangdong license plate D K0213 is eventually caught and charged with a crime, it won’t be for dragging a poor animal behind a vehicle.


Photos: Sina News User Contributions


Photos of Dog Swirling in Washing Machine Meant to Incite Hong Kongers

Posted: 09/7/2014 3:13 pm

washing machine dog animal abuse hk mainland tensions

Jacky Lo is a Cantonese-speaking Facebook user who commonly uploads pictures of his fancy car, a nice bottle of wine, or a loose pile of rolled-up cash. However, Lo decided to one-up himself on August 12 when he uploaded pictures of a dog in a washing machine:

washing machine dog animal abuse hk mainland tensions

Lo’s comments attached to these photographs read:

Here’s a really fast way to help your dog take a bath: first, soak it, then wash it, afterwards get rid of the water, and there you go! All clean, without the hassle!

Even though the picture gallery suggests that this small dog survived his ordeal with pictures depicting a wet dog at its tail end, Lo confirms to a Facebook friend that the dog has indeed died.

Bad Canto provided a translation of this conversation:

washing machine dog animal abuse hk mainland tensions

Agnes: Is the dog dead?

Lo: Yes! You wanna see it?

Agnes: OK! You’ll certainly get famous!

Lo: Whatever. I’ve nothing to be scared of.

Agnes: DON’T delete anything from your Facebook!!! Including THIS album!

Lo: I don’t care what you guys are going to do! Do I look like I’m afraid of you guys?

Agnes: That means you don’t think animal cruelty is a problem?

Lo: I don’t even think human cruelty is a problem, not to mention cats and dogs!

This conversation took place just as the pictures started to go viral on the Hong Kong internet. Lo’s next Facebook update came on September 1 when he wrote a rant about the radicalisation of Hong Kong youth.

Here is the translation, again provided by Bad Canto:

jacky lo rant

There are so many young and radical Hongkongers who treat Chinese badly. I only want to question your mindset: To all noble Hongkongers, where did you ancestors come from? If your ancestors came from China, could I interpret that “the ancestors of Hongkongers are Mainlanders. Therefore, Mainlanders are the ancestors of Hongkongers!” You are Chinese. We are of the same race and speak the same language. Our differences are just government systems, law enforcement, and law. I hope you can understand the relationship between people and the government. Don’t blame the Chinese people simply because you hate the Communist Party. You must think rationally!

On September 4, Lo made wrote another rant about Hongkongers, perhaps stemming from the attention his “dog in a washing machine” photographs were getting. Again, from Bad Canto:

jacky lo rant

The intelligence of young Hongkongers drives me nuts.  They listen to commands of the reactionaries and completely lose their rationality. They have become running dogs of the politics and have no independent thinking. They are so silly to say “Everybody hates Chinese!” Haha, duke, from where did you learn your history lessons? Among the 1 million Hongkongers, how many of them were indigenous residents? (* 1M Hongkongers refers to the population of pre-WW2 Hong Kong). If your ancestor didn’t come from China, could it be that your are the products of the Japanese during WW2? Young Hongkongers are doomed by anti-China politicians!

Before we conflate all of these different elements into a single generalisation, we should remember that Lo likely enjoys the bad attention he receives. As a troll of the highest level, Lo appears to have gotten his standing through his wealth and family. Speaking out against him is something he seems to crave.

If Lo isn’t at all “afraid of you guys”, then he won’t mind talking to the SPCA.

Here’s Lo, followed by more pictures from the August 12 photo album:

jacky lowashing machine dog animal abuse hk mainland tensions

washing machine dog animal abuse hk mainland tensionswashing machine dog animal abuse hk mainland tensions

[h/t Bad Canto]


Photos: Bad Canto, Facebook


Yulin Draws Foreigners Who Dine on Dog Meat

Posted: 06/23/2014 11:26 am

yulin dog eating festival guangxi protest animal rights activistsYulin residents trying to preserve their custom of dog eating from animal rights activists now have new supporters: foreigners.

READ: Yulin Dog Eating Festival: “The More You Protest,
The Better Our Business”

The annual Yulin Summer Solstice Dog Eating Festival took place on June 21 in Guangxi Province, and for all the controversy it has attracted from media and protesters, it has also attracted two foreigners who were photographed emerging from a restaurant that serves dog meat, reported Caijing.

yulin dog eating festival guangxi protest animal rights activists

Though no photographs have shown them dining on canine, photographs show the couple, a man and a woman, surrounded by a crowd that cheer for them as they walk away from the restaurant.

READ: Yulin Dog Sellers Openly Taunt Dog Lovers: “Buy the Dog or it Dies!”

Despite having attracted so many people, including these foreigners, the Yulin dog eating festival has been hit by a steep decline in sales, contrary to the claims of a local restaurant. According to Beijing News, only 2,000 dogs were consumed at the 48 participating restaurants at this year’s festival, down from an estimated 10,000 dogs two years ago.

yulin dog eating festival guangxi protest animal rights activists

Cheng Taotao, the Department Head of the Yulin Municipal Food and Drug Administration, confirms the decline in sales. He said as of June 16, only 30% of restaurants that had served dogs last year are doing so again this year. Of Yulin’s 1,395 restaurants, 17 have voluntarily stopped serving dog meat while four have been closed, reports Xinhua. Furthermore, quarantine inspections stopped two vehicles carrying 2,000 dogs and prevented them from being put on the market.

RELATED: Doctors In Yulin Told To Stay Away From Dog Eating Festival

Cheng cites the controversy for hurting sales, and also inflaming tensions between animal rights activists and dog eaters.

yulin dog eating festival guangxi protest animal rights activists

On the evening of June 21 at around 8pm, an altercation between the two sides turned violent after a Yulin resident that supports eating dog was struck in the mouth on Jiangbin Road. An eyewitness named Lu said the strike was strong enough to draw blood. Police came to separate both factions until crowds finally dispersed at 10:50pm.

yulin dog eating festival guangxi protest animal rights activists

Local residents remain defiant, despite being under the glare of the international media. Banners (seen above) read:

Thank you for allowing our countrymen to witness the spirit of unity here in Yulin.
As much as we love to promulgate the culture of eating lychees and dog meat, we love obeying the law even more.

The eating of dogs is not illegal in China.

While strong convictions may have lead to violence in some, others are dealing with their concerns in a different way. Yang Xiaoyun, who was earlier seen begging on her knees to save a dog, is now reported to have spent RMB 70,000 to rescue 200 dogs.


Photos: China News, Caijing


Nanfang Week in Review: June 15-June 21

Posted: 06/22/2014 5:00 pm

yulin dog eating festival controversy animal activistsLast week looked just like this here at the Nanfang:


Monday:g-string condom

Tuesday:massage unconscious paralysis shenzhen


Thursday:jiangmen student stabbing teacher

Friday:yulin dog eating festival controversy animal activists

Saturday:marilyn monroe statue giant guigang guangxi

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Photos: the Nanfang


Yunlin Dog Sellers Openly Taunt Dog Lovers: “Buy The Dog Or It Dies!” [UPDATED]

Posted: 06/20/2014 7:29 pm

yulin dog eating festival controversy animal activists[This article contains content that may offend some readers]

We first heard rumors that the Yulin dog eating festival was to be cancelled, and then heard reports that it had already taken place last week. With tensions running high between animal rights activists and Yulin’s traditional dog-eaters, it now appears Yulin’s dog sellers are taunting activists and exploiting their love of dogs.

READ: Animal Activists Clash with Dog-Serving Guangxi Restaurant

Reports in the Morning Report suggest that dog sellers in Yulin are selling their live dogs to animal activists at inflated prices while threatening harm to the dogs in their possession.

yulin street market dog sellers animal activists

At 9am on June 20 at a market for dogs, an animal rights activist named Zhao Hao (a pseudonym) from Chongqing was spotted by a dog seller. This seller used a hand clamp to catch a dog by its neck and hoist it into the air. The dog seller said, “Are you going to buy it or not? If you don’t buy it, I’m going to strangle it!” He pressed the issue by saying, “Do you want to buy it or not? 600 yuan!”

PHOTOS: Shocking: the Brazen Capture of a Dog in Broad Daylight in Guangdong

Zhao and two other activists named Yang Xiaoyun from Tianjin and Yang Yuhua from Chongqing had already bought ten dogs from dog sellers. They tried to haggle with him as the price went down to 500 yuan, and then 400 yuan. Finally, the dog was purchased for RMB 350.yulin dog eating festival controversy animal activists

After being paid, the dog seller stood up and made a big show of waving his new earnings in the air. Bystanders were heard to support the dog seller by saying “well done” while others are said to have given him a thumbs up.

yulin street market dog sellers animal activists

yulin street market dog sellers animal activists

This same tactic was used by another dog seller in the area who had witnessed the transaction. This time, Zhao ended up paying 1,600 yuan for five dogs. Once again, the dog seller made a show of dancing with his cash held above his head.yulin dog eating festival controversy animal activists

READ: Dog Beaten to Death in Beijing in Front of Foreign Owner

In another story by Morning Report, 64 year-old Yang Xiaoyun is seen getting on her knees to beg two young men to resell her the golden retriever they had just purchased. The men said the dog was to be a gift for one of their girlfriends, but Yang didn’t believe it. Instead, she held the chain and continued arguing with the seller for ten minutes.

yulin street market dog sellers animal activists

While many activists have arrived in Yulin to protest the annual dog eating festival, residents remain skeptical of their actions. One young male resident said, “Where do they move the dogs after buying them? I had heard before that dogs are abandoned and left to starve at the side of the road.”

RELATED: Doctors In Yulin Told To Stay Away From Dog Eating Festival

Other people are more pragmatic and see no line between a dog’s role as a pet or as dinner. One dog seller was seen trying to sell two small dogs for 800 yuan. The man said he had raised them for three years:

“These are for people to eat, who said dogs raised as pets can’t be eaten? They’re all for eating. There are people here who would pay several tens of thousands of dollars to buy a Tibetan mastiff in order to eat it.”

yulin dog eating festival controversy animal activistsyulin dog eating festival controversy animal activists***

UPDATE 1, 8:08pm June 20: From the time this was posted to Weibo at around 3:30 this afternoon, this post has gotten a tremendous amount of attention. Within its first four hours of being published, this post received 1,219 likes, was forwarded 12,308 times, and received 7,737 comments. The following is a small sample of them:

No matter what, I feel that maintaining a standard to respect all life is something that is not outrageous. You can say that you love to eat dog meat, but you should at least not mistreat the dog before you eat it, and not mistreat it’s corpse afterwards, okay? (I) don’t feel as though loving dogs will make me turn into some kind of Virgin Mary. People can spend their money to do whatever they want, and is not anyone else’s goddamn business?

When all these dogs cause a disaster, who will take care of it? Why do these dog lovers and dog owners abandon their dogs? Those dog lovers who take their dogs out for a walk in public places will defecate and urinate all over the place; is this a demonstration of their love? Who has made the decision that dogs aren’t allowed to be eaten? Is it illegal? Does your love for your dog eclipse your love for you mother and father? Many of these dog-loving sons of bitches don’t even regard their elders as people, and yet they fucking have the nerve to say they love dogs?

I take a neutral position on the issue of eating dogs, but this kind of dirty trick is fucking shameless [angry.emo]

Dog-slaughterers, spectators, hecklers: these people are just like the characters at the beheading Lu Xun had wrote about before who fought over steamed buns covered in human blood. It’s such a shame that years later, all that has changed is the time and the setting. People haven’t changed! What a tragedy! What a shame!

Very cruel.

After you rescue (the dogs), how are you going to take care of them?

yulin dog eating festival controversy animal activistsRelated:

Photo: Luzheng Gongshu, Weibo (2)


It Happened: Controversial Yulin Dog Eating Festival Held Early To Avoid Attention [UPDATED]

Posted: 06/19/2014 10:10 am

dogs in bucket tied up

UPDATE 7:06pm June 22: The Yulin Summer Solstice Dog Eating Festival did in fact take place on June 21; please see here for our report.


We’ve been duped. The infamous Yulin dog-eating festival wasn’t cancelled, it was just moved up. Traditionally held on the summer solstice in Yulin, the date was quietly changed to dodge media coverage and outrage by Chinese and international critics, reports The Guardian.

State media reported some Yulin residents gathering last weekend to eat lychee and dog meat in order to celebrate the summer solstice, even though the longest day of the year isn’t until June 21. They had reportedly done so in order to avoid attention for eating dog meat, a contentious issue raised by animal activists as well as average Chinese citizens who are pet owners.

Animal activists allege that the event is a public health risk because the dogs are not properly quarantined, but instead are stray dogs caught off the street.

PHOTOS: Shocking: the Brazen Capture of a Dog in Broad Daylight in Guangdong

The local government has distanced itself from the festival, but passed on several directives to residents.

Yulin restaurants were ordered to remove the character for “dog” from signs and menus and to refrain from slaughtering dogs or display cooked dog meat in public places. Furthermore, an order that health care workers aren’t allowed to consume dog meat in public has been revealed to encapsulate all local public servants.

The eating of dogs is not illegal in China.

For something that happened last week, the Chinese media has not extensively covered the rescheduling of the Yulin festival. The campaign against the dog eating festival continues in China with posts like this one on Weibo that believe the event is still on for June 21. 


Photos: Baidu cache


Under Immense Pressure, Yulin Cancels Infamous Dog Eating Festival [UPDATED]

Posted: 06/17/2014 11:49 am

dog eating festival

UPDATE 3, 7:06pm June 22: The Yulin Summer Solstice Dog Eating Festival did in fact take place on June 21; please see here for our report.

UPDATE 2, 10:29am June 19: A new development indicates the Yulin dog eating festival has already been held after all. Organizers moved the date to avoid detection.

UPDATE 1, 8:42 June 18: A comment from Sina suggests these statements were made by the local government in order to completely dissociate itself from the dog eating festival by cancelling tours for the festival and completely withdraw support.


The Yulin Dog Eating Festival has drawn so much criticism from around China that it appears to have been cancelled, according to Caijing.

The annual festival was to be held on June 21 as part of a long tradition in Yulin, Guangxi in which approximately 10,000 dogs are consumed.

READ: Animal Activists Clash with Dog-Serving Guangxi Restaurant

A government official not willing to be identified gave this statement:

The government of Guangxi and the city of Yulin have decided to withdraw from hosting the dog eating festival because the pressure given to us by people from all walks of life is simply too much!

The cancellation seems to have been confirmed by local residents. A young boy at a concealed slaughterhouse for dogs said on June 12:

The government is not letting us sell any (dog meat). After killing the dogs today, there won’t be any more dogs to kill. (Anymore new) dogs from outside the city aren’t allowed in. 

A local dog meat proprietor complained about the withdrawal of support from the government:

I still remember the words that department head Li Junqing from the Food and Drug Inspection agency had said at last year’s festival, ‘If you dare to interfere with the eating of dog meat, they will pick up a knife and kill you!’ Didn’t think that so soon after saying that, the government’s position would reverse so suddenly.

READ: Shocking: The Brazen Capture of a Dog in Broad Daylight in Guangdong

The local Yulin government had previously tried to dissociate itself from the local dog eating festival. Under mounting public pressure, the Yulin municipal government announced on June 6 the dog eating festival would be a private and commercial venture not associated with the government.

The local government had made concessions earlier to try to reach a compromise between local residents and animal rights activists. The government issued a directive to local residents to hide any advertising of dog meat on restaurant signs and to refrain from slaughtering dogs in public places.

Furthermore, an order given by the government to doctors and nurses to refrain from eating dog meat has also been revealed to include all Yulin civil servants.




Another Brutal Dog Killing, This Time at a Shelter in Hangzhou

Posted: 05/28/2014 4:45 pm

Only days after we broke the story of a brutal beating of a dog in Beijing in broad daylight, another horrific dog killing story has surfaced in Hangzhou. This time, nobody’s pet was beaten in front of the owner, but it’s just as sickening.

An urban management officer (otherwise known as chengguan) collected a mother and seven pups from a market in Hangzhou after the owner complained the mother had become more vicious after giving birth. The officer took the dogs to the animal shelter to have them put down. In order to deal with the newborn pups, a middle-aged staffer at the shelter lifted the pups into the air one-by-one and threw them down with tremendous force to kill them, all in full view of the mother. Some were so young they were unable to open their eyes.

The Chinese internet obviously became outraged after the photos surfaced. SCMP has translated a few comments:

“If the mother dog should be killed for hurting a man, what should we do to the man that has killed seven puppies?” wrote one microblogger.

“It’s not a stray dog shelter, but a slaughter house!” another wrote.

An animal welfare association based in Hangzhou said many stray dogs were treated cruelly when they were sent to be “controlled” by the relevant government departments.

It said: “The city administration and law enforcement bureau should make public how you “control” the stray dogs … by ‘control’ do you mean all stray dogs should be killed?”

This is just the latest case of extreme animal abuse in China, and one wonders what needs to happen before dogs are dealt with humanely.

Trevor Metz, who previously owned “One-eyed Jack” before he was beaten to death in Beijing, said confiscating unregistered pets is not the problem; rather, the issue lies in dealing with the pets in a humane way after they are confiscated.

One hopes the authorities in China take his advice.

Home page photo credit: SCMP


Shocking: The Brazen Capture of a Dog in Broad Daylight in Guangdong

Posted: 05/22/2014 1:16 pm

[Warning: this post contains material that some readers may find objectionable.]

So, you’re a liberated, tolerant person. You are an expat who doesn’t bristle at the chainsaw revving of a throat about to be cleared of its long branches of phlegm, nor do you mind queue-jumping nor the running for empty seats on the subway. Hey: when in Rome, right?

So when you hear about locals eating dogs, the shoulder just shrugs. The dog is an animal just like a pig or chicken; its use as a house pet is simply an urban affectation.

VIDEO: Dog in Heshan, Guangdong Snatched in Mere Seconds

But, have you ever wondered where fine establishments that serve dog receive their stock? Is there a free-range puppy farm on the outskirts of the city where dogs are allowed to friskily prance all day in order to make their meat more tender?

Maybe, but then again maybe not. This GIF is from a post made on the Guangzhou Police Weibo official account:guangzhou dognapping cruelty animal rights

The Guangzhou police reported a dog went missing on May 20 between the hours of 5 and 10am, whereas the time code in the video plainly reads 9:51am on Thursday, February 6, 2014. With such a discrepancy, we can’t definitively say which is correct, but that the video footage certainly depicts a stray dog cruelly being captured by a “poacher”, if the act of stealing free dogs from a public street in China is illegal (we’re guessing it isn’t).

We can’t say for sure what will happen to this dog. Maybe it will be given a new home at an orphanage. Maybe there’s a crisis involving a critical overabundance of sticks that need someone to play catch with. Or maybe it’s the culmination of our darkest fears.

Regardless, we don’t hold much hope for this dog’s future.

Photo: Weibo screenshot


Security Guards At Shenzhen Hospital Abuse Cat, Attack Reporters [GRAPHIC]

Posted: 04/16/2014 11:29 am

cat animal abuse shenzhen security guard hospital journalist beaten attack

[This article contains content and images that may prove to be offensive to some readers.]

Some people are evil. Some people are stupid. And then, there are those exceptional people who are both evil and stupid.

A clear-cut case of animal abuse happened in broad daylight on April 14. Mr Yu was just leaving the Shenzhen People’s Hospital in Futian District when he heard a loud mewing that had attracted the attention of many people in the area. When he noticed two on-duty security guards doing what they shouldn’t be doing, he began to record the following scene:

The text for this video gives more details about the incident: (translated by the Nanfang)

Two Security Guards from the Shenzhen Futian People’s Hospital Abuse a Cat
Yesterday afternoon at around 6pm
Two male security guards from the Shenzhen People’s Hospital in Futian District
used a transparent adhesive tape to tie up a 3-month old cat
and used it to drag the kitty around
Then they hang the kitty to play with it
before dragging the kitty around
Afterwards, they hanged the kitty from a tree
Attracting two small children to come over and ask
“Why have you tied up the kitty?”

Yes, children witnessed this act of animal cruelty as an adult accompanying them walked away. After the end of the video, the cat was taken down from the tree and dragged around before being hung again.

That was evil. Now comes the stupid.

After the video surfaced online, journalists from ten different newspapers and media outlets descended upon the Shenzhen People’s Hospital to confront these security guards. When negotiation with a person identifying themselves as the head of security went nowhere, the reporters went to the information desk to arrange an interview with the hospital’s public relations department.

And then in full view of people whose job it is to record things, security guards began attacking the reporters, reports Shenzhen News, Guangdong Yangcheng Evening News, JS China and other people with the bruises to prove it.

cat animal abuse shenzhen security guard hospital journalist beaten attack

Past stupid and well into Crazytown, security guards beat the journalists with kicks and punches. You’ll have to forgive the lack of clear images of the attack since security guards successfully destroyed cameras from two television stations. The fracas continued until police came to take away the offending security guards.

For the epilogue to this story, we leave Crazytown and depart for Ludicrous City. Lin Hanli, Deputy Director of the Shenzhen People’s Hospital, absolved his organization of any responsibility in regards to property destruction and attacks because the security guards have nothing to do with the hospital; they only happen to work there. Lin said:

“Property management is outsourced, and hospital security guards are the responsibility of property management.”

Back at the beginning of this story, it was a case of “evil” committing animal abuse. Now, by using bureaucracy to absolve responsibility — that hasn’t yet acknowledged the animal abuse — it may be that we’ve gone all the way through the cycle and are back around again at evil.

That, or we’re glimpsing the “irrational national” standard well at work.

Photos: JS China, Shenzhen Evening Post – Weibo account

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