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Cute Girl Kills, Dismembers Cat Because She’s Angry at Her Parents

Posted: 05/29/2014 6:36 pm

li pingping cat killer animal abuse cruelty outrage

[This story contains content that some readers may find upsetting and disturbing]

This is Li Pingping. She lives in Huizhou, Guangdong. Pingping cruelly killed and dismembered a cat and then shared it on Weibo (uncensored photos here, here and here—DO NOT CLICK, you don’t need to see them, just know that they are extremely cruel and horrific)li pingping cat killer animal abuse cruelty outrage

The pictures of her cruelly tortured and dead cat were posted online along with these words:

This is [what I did to] the ‘Duke’ that I raised myself. It’s the hatred that I have for those men and women sons of bitches, what [I feel] for my father and that cheap cunt

Li wanted to express anger with her family, especially towards her father and stepmother. But she didn’t get any sympathy online. Instead, people called her “insane” and “out of her mind”.

Li had only had the cat for two weeks before she brutally killed it. She also showed no remorse.

li pingping cat killer animal abuse cruelty outrage

I was drunk that night, and then afterwards I wanted to help give it a bath! It wasn’t intentional!!!! I’m very regretful over it!


A lot of things that don’t happen to us is that which we don’t personally experience, and so we can’t easily determine for ourselves who is right, and who is wrong. Many people would not consider being empathetic. If I was him/her and in that kind of environment, what would I do?

Finally on May 26, after having deleted all of her Weibo content right up to the beginning of May, Li posted a letter on her account. It says:

On May 23, I did something that I am very regretful of: I took my little cat’s life. This raised a tempest online and for two days I wasn’t able to eat or sleep. That’s right, netizens criticized and schooled me until I got afraid all over. My restless heart and morality now bears the burden of this guilt. Misfortune to my family and incidents brought on by alcohol have led to this reckless action. These past three days I’ve read the comments made by other users, and then my heart became even more afraid, and so I sank to become even more self-critical. Right now, I realize that the actions that I can’t take back are evil. Not only have I harmed Duke, but I have trespassed upon the humanity by which people treat animals! I have decided not to run away (from my problems), I have to face head-on the mistakes I have made. And so I say to Duke and to society: I’m sorry, I was wrong!

We’re not sure what to make of his letter, so we’ll try to remember Duke in the best way that she was treated under Li’s care: on its very first day with Li back on May 10.

li pingping cat killer

Decided to get a cat! My own kitty! Hee hee! [sleepyface.emo] Good night!

Photos: Weibo (1, 2)

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