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Beijingers Can Live a Healthy Life Into Their Late 50s, According To New Study

Posted: 06/18/2014 4:41 pm

beijing life expectancy Chinese people are famous for being preoccupied with longevity, and now they have some facts to indicate exactly how long they might live. The Beijing Center for Disease Control released a report on the healthy life expectancy of people in the capital city, according to MSN, and it’s not as long as some other countries.

According to the study, a Beijing man can expect to live a healthy life until he is 61.4 years old, while a Beijing woman will get to 56.06 years old in a healthy state.

This report is the first of its kind in China.

Beijing had previously announced the average life expectancy of its residents without the mention of the state of health. The 2005 Beijing census showed Beijingers are expected to live until about 80 years of age, which was raised to 81.51 in 2013.

While Beijing females have a longer life expectancy than men, Beijing men are expected to live healthier lives than women of the same age according to the study.

The Director of the Beijing Center for Disease Control Deng Ying announced the findings and emphasized the need to focus on the quality of life provided to city residents. Deng said:

The results of the study to determine the healthy life expectancy of Beijing adult residents reminds us that even though Beijing has been able to raise this level to that of developed countries, living conditions for residents are still not ideal. Throughout our lives there are elements that contribute to our having 10-20 years of unhealthy conditions.

The World Health Organization says Chinese citizens will live to an average age of 74.2, with China ranked in 97th place among countries worldwide.

By contrast, Hong Kong is ranked 5th in the world with an average life expectancy at 83.8 years, Japan is second at 84.6 years, and Monaco in top position at 87.2 years.

The United States of America is in 35th position with an average life expectancy of 79.2 years.

Photo: MSN

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