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Shenzhen Named Mainland China’s Most Pedestrian-Friendly City

Posted: 09/13/2014 10:00 am

‘Spring Flower’ footbridge in Nanshan District in Shenzhen drew a whopping investment of RMB 50 million.

Shenzhen, the southern boom-town of Guangdong, was recently voted mainland China’s most pedestrian-friendly city, according to a report by the Natural Resources Defense Council, a New York-based environmental advocacy group.

Guangzhou followed Shenzhen, ranking No. 4. The council surveyed a total of 35 cities in China; Shenzhen scored 67.83 points out of a possible one hundred in terms of walking safety, comfort, convenience and government management, reported Jing Daily on September 11.

Although not part of mainland China, Hong Kong took the top prize for being a walkable city, based on its sound infrastructure and public facilities. Shanghai placed 3rd, while Dalian placed 5th.

A number of specific locations were also recommended by the newspaper. The 14 areas include: Qian Hai, Shekou, Nanshan commercial culture center, Gaoxin District, Huaqiao City, Windows on the World, Shenzhen Bay, Chegong Temple, Central District, Huanggang Port, Huaqiang North, Luohu commercial district, Shatou Jiao and Daxiao Meisha.

Many local residents, however, continue to complain that Shenzhen’s facilities are less than ideal, citing narrow sidewalks, uneven surfaces, poor traffic lights and maintenance as primary problems.

What do you think? Does Shenzhen live up to being rewarded as mainland China’s most pedestrian-friendly city?

Photos: Shenzhen Jianxu Testing Engineering Services Co Ltd

  • Toothless

    The gf few weeks back watched someone go over a bonnet crossing the road, brains all over the road.
    Took me a week to calm her down.
    She doesn’t think its pedestrian friendly

  • Kevin McGeary

    I think drivers in Shenzhen should remove the bulbs from their indicators in case they momentarily forget where they are and inadvertently signal.

  • Blurryone

    I think it would be far more pedestrian friendly if the sidewalks weren’t full of illegal scooters going top speed with no regard for the pedestrians. I also don’t understand why if scooters are illegal in Shenzhen, there are scooter stores all over the place. I’ve been hit by scooters 3 times so far in China, most of my friends have been hit at least once, if not many times.

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