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Shenzhen to Build Hong Kong-style Pedestrian Walkways

Posted: 10/22/2014 8:49 am

admiralty walkwayAlready awarded the title of “Most Walkable City in Mainland China“, Shenzhen looks to outdo itself by making further improvements to its infrastructure in order to improve city transportation.

Shenzhen is planning to make numerous improvements throughout the city, and some of its inspiration will come directly from its neighbor to the south.

Shenzhen is looking to create a number of pedestrian corridors in its Central Business District that match those in Admiralty, Hong Kong. They will be built in the “Golden Triangle” and six other areas where pedestrian traffic is highest.

Shenzhen is also planning to create an all-day or temporary commercial pedestrian street in Nanshan central district, Huaqiangbei, and Dongmen.

Shenzhen’s network of scenic tour routes will also be improved, with the combination of the Lianhuashan and Bijiashan green routes. As well, pedestrian routes nearby hospitals will be upgraded.

A total of nine new pedestrian scenic routes will be constructed in the areas of Meilin, Chegongmiao, Bihai, Tianbei, Xiashuijing, Bantian, Baishaling, Haiyue, and Dongjiaotou.

Lastly, Shenzhen will upgrade the city’s bike trails and offer more bike rentals for those who prefer two wheels to two feet.


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