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Dedicated Shenzhen Bike Lanes Planned for Next Year

Posted: 12/22/2014 11:00 am

shenzhen pedestrian walkwayShenzhen’s reputation as China’s most pedestrian-friendly city is about to get a boost following the announcement of plans to construct more paths for pedestrians and cyclists.

The Shenzhen Municipal Transportation and Transport Committee has partnered with the Futian local government to build a bike path that crosses North Ring Road at the Xinzhou overpass. The overpass will include a roof to provide shelter for pedestrians.

Scheduled to start construction next year, the plan also includes designated bike trails running from Meilin to the downtown core. Car lanes along Hongli Road will be narrowed in order to facilitate the bike lane.

Here are some photos of what the new addition will look like:

shenzhen pedestrian walkwayshenzhen pedestrian walkwayshenzhen pedestrian walkwayRelated:

Photos: Shenzhen Traffic Police

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