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Guangdong official sacked over nude photos published by mistress

Posted: 02/28/2014 9:12 am

Mistresses are becoming a growing ‘problem’ for corrupt government officials across the country. When feeling spurned, they tend to have a lot of ammunition to seek revenge.

The latest case involves Du Weijun, the head of Duanzhou district’s culture bureau, who was officially sacked from his post after his mistress published nude photos of him online in late January, Information Times reported on February 27.

Du was found having “serious violations of socialist moral ethics” after an investigation carried out by the local discipline inspection commission, according to a Weibo post by Duanzhou district’s publicity department on Tuesday night. Du was also suspended from all his Party posts for a year, according to the newspaper.

His mistress alleged he embezzled public funds and was also involved in gambling, the report said. It did not, however, say if there is an investigation into his embezzlement.

The report came at a time when the Central Discipline Inspection Commission’s eighth inspection brigade rounded up their inspection tour in Guangdong.  The brigade reiterated the importance of anti-corruption, and found that the problem of “naked officials”  or Luoguan (裸官) in Chinese, referring to officials who have moved their spouses, children and assets abroad while remaining at home themselves, is “quite serious” in Guangdong, China News reported.

In mid-January this year, the Central Discipline Inspection Commission issued six rules to bar officials from promotions including “those whose spouses have migrated abroad, or, if there is no spouse, those whose children have moved abroad,” The New York Times reported on January 16.

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  • Zen my Ass

    Ethics and morality are up only for those who get caught…


    not a new problem…except for bad photoshop

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