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Spot a Terrorist, Win Cash: Now Available for All Guangdong Residents

Posted: 07/15/2014 8:58 am

renminbi cash money After a Shenzhen resident became the first person in China to win a cash reward for providing information leading to the arrest of a terrorism suspect, all Guangdong residents are now eligible to take part in the scheme, reports Xinhua.

Police authorities stated on Sunday that a cash reward up to RMB 500,000 (US $80,000) is now offered to any resident of Guangdong who provides information about terrorist attacks, terror suspects, terrorist funding activities, extremist activities and the production of books or videos that promote terrorist activities or recruit followers.

Guangdong police say they have already arrested three suspects since the reward system began.

If you’re still worried about ratting out a potential terrorist, the Ministry of Public Security wants you to know it’s got your back. They’ve promised to protect informants, and will punish any police officers that allow informants to be harmed.


Photo: GX News


Shenzhen Resident Wins Prize For Ratting On Potential Terrorist

Posted: 07/10/2014 5:18 pm

We’ve previously told you about a new way to earn cash in China that involves informing the authorities about potential terrorism suspects. And now, somebody has come forward to collect.

A man from Shenzhen is first to claim a cash reward for turning in somebody believed to be suspicious, reports Xinhua. The winner, surnamed Zheng, provided police with information that lead to the arrest of a wanted criminal by the Xinjiang police department on terrorism charges. The suspect had fled to Shenzhen in June, and Zheng was there to help put him away.

However, we don’t know how much Zhang got for his efforts. The reward was initially set between RMB 2,000 to RMB 500,000, but that there was no firm upper limit.

We do know that you can’t put a price on public safety.


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Report Suspected Terrorist Activity in Shenzhen and Win Big Money!

Posted: 06/18/2014 3:42 pm

If you think “snitches get stitches”, the City of Shenzhen wants you to know that reporting on suspected terrorist plots isn’t just a civic duty, but a profit-earning opportunity as well.

The Shenzhen municipal public security bureau has announced a program to reward citizens who report on terrorist activities as well as suspicious people, objects and vehicles.

But that’s not all: Shenzhen police don’t just want any old wive’s tale, but the juiciest, plum tip-offs. That’s why they’re willing to pay tipsters according to a sliding scale depending upon “how much damage would have been caused” by the suspected plot, reported Shanghai Daily.

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There has been no precedent set to determine which reported act of terrorism will be rewarded with what amount of money, but the cash rewards begin at RMB 2,000 and range upwards to RMB 500,000.

However, the report subtly states that there are in fact no restrictions on how high the reward can get, presumably because, in the most horrifying and terrifying way possible, there are also no restrictions on “how much damage” can be caused by a terrorist act.

So don’t delay! If you spot potential terrorist activity call 110 (emergency services), send an e-mail, letter, text message, or leave a message on the local PSB website. You could always swing by in person, too.


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100,000 Beijingers Are Trying to Find Out If You Are A Terrorist

Posted: 05/30/2014 4:27 pm

The recent trend of arming police with guns in Chinese cities including Guangzhou has now been accompanied by a “societal anti-terrorist initiative” taking place in the nation’s capital.

As reported on Sina News, a total of 100,000 people in Beijing are collecting information and writing reports on any activities they suspect might be terrorist-related. Included in this group are streetside cobblers and newsstand vendors who are ordered to report any suspicious activity at any time.

Furthermore, 85,000 volunteers are joining local police and public security bureau personnel to try and prevent terrorism. This newly-empowered group of civilians will oversee crowded and sensitive areas. They are tasked with being on patrol, maintaining order, and investigating any suspicious activity.

Photo: Sarah’s Blog

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