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Chinese Find Many to Blame for Charlie Hebdo Terrorist Attack

Posted: 01/8/2015 4:51 pm

charlie hebdo terrorist attackThe terrorist attack at French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has galvanized China, with widespread coverage and commentary in social media.

Chinese news outlets mostly followed the western press in their characterization of the incident as a terrorist attack, with some offering an explainer of the French magazine and its tendency to attract controversy.

charlie hebdo memorial163 published a retrospective of many of the magazine’s lewdest covers, including the Virgin Mary in a compromised position as well as its infamous depiction of the Prophet Muhammad.

Sina provided an introduction to Charlie Hebdo, noting that French media has a long tradition of using satire with high-profile targets including royalty, government, police, and banks. However, it notes the magazine was provocative to win an audience because it was a relatively small publication.

Furthermore, Sina says the magazine’s objective is to challenge authority and satirize current political events, but noted the magazine was regularly criticized for being “vulgar” and “heartless”.

charlie hebdo memorialChinese Weibo users were very forthcoming with their opinions, with some people re-publishing the controversial cartoon depiction of the Prophet Muhammad. But not everybody sided with the magazine:

This time, Charlie Hebdo is not right.

Everyone could see what was coming from their provocative picture of the Virgin Mary.

Anti-intellectual, low-grade, timid, cruel, narrow-minded, extreme, blood-thirsty, perverted, frantic, ignorant, selfish, shameless, evil, lustful. These are (Charlie Hebdo’s) system of values.

Right now is a terrible time for print media.

Thanks to the author for posting these materials from Charlie Hebdo. It seems that core values can have cultural differences. Any system of values can not violate universal values.

Looks like the victims were very narrow-minded.

charlie hebdo memorialOne blamed the entire country of France:

This is a non-mainstream magazine in France with a small circulation and readership. Two years ago when US Americans filmed The Innocence of Muslims and were satirizing Muslims, Charlie Hebdo also got in on the action and published a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad. This caused a controversy that CCTV covered. During such sensitive times, France added fuel to the fire; they are the accomplices to the USA (referred to using a derogatory name), and have attracted the ire of France’s Muslim community. However you look at it, this is not a sensible thing to do as the spark for revenge has already been lit.

One went further, blaming all of Europe:

Europe was the one that sinned first. Several hundred years ago, Spain went on a violent crusade and drove all the Muslims out of Europe.

While others place the blame squarely on Islam:

I think that equal treatment is a basic principle. If other people insult you, then you can fiercely insult them back. If other people hit you with their fist, then you fiercely kick back with your foot. However, if you kill someone for insulting you, and you think that this person doesn’t have the right to insult you, then by this logic, how can your family and even your ethnic group be preserved?

(We) should attack evil cults.

Muslims are an evil cult, and are a cancer on humanity.

This attack has not made me comfortable with certain religions.

These ignorant, modern day zealots will soon be the demise of the Muslim religion.

Muslims say that if you aren’t a believer, then you can go to hell.

These people were on the fence:

There are limits to humor just as there are for leniency and punishment.

Is this something to teach to the younger generation, or just vulgar claptrap? A print media crisis, or moral crisis?

Here are a few more comments:

Deep veneration (for the victims)!

It’s not as though all Muslims want to kill these cartoonists. No matter if they are Muslim, Christian, Buddhists, or material atheists, they are all humans first.

Chinese people have a hard time understanding why foreigners would do things to harm others with no benefit to themselves after having satisfying their need for hunger and have nothing left to do. Wouldn’t it be great to be a French citizen with high welfare benefits? The reason to distinguish yourself (in society) is so that you can eat fine food, drink fine wine, and sleep with beautiful women. Everything you can want, beyond your capability to consume it. In fact, this is the only distinction between you and them: in this life, just what are you living for?

You can’t ridicule a belief in RPG’s and AK47, this is common knowledge.

The US dropped nuclear bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima; this signifies that the US is a terrorist country! Japan should take revenge against the US, this is a righteous action!

Photos: Peninsula Morning Report, Weibo


Foshan Web editor detained for ‘rumor’ accusing gov’t prosecutors of prostitution

Posted: 03/5/2012 9:05 am

At 5pm on February 17, Shang Laicheng, a Web editor with Foshan’s popular local Tian Tian Xin forum (TTX), was intercepted by cops as he got off work in the city’s Chancheng district.

Shang’s arrest was made so suddenly, writes Southern Metropolis Daily, that Shang’s colleagues, caught off guard, chose to wait it out. Ten days later, Shang still hadn’t shown up for work, and his absence online led to a lot of whining readers; his phone remained shut off and, with no family in the area, Shang remained equally unreachable.

Up in Shanxi province, however, Shang’s family received notice on Day 10 from Foshan’s Public Security Bureau (PSB) of his criminal detention on charges of suspicion of malicious slander.

Police in Foshan say Shang was detained for reposting an article alleging that two procurators in Chancheng had recently been caught soliciting sex, but were allowed to walk free the next morning.

The online article, published on TTX at 9am on the day of Shang’s arrest, was read over a thousand times before it was deleted two hours later by Jingjing and Chacha. Shang posted it to the forum using a temporarily registered account, “Zheng Yi Zhi Yin” (The voice of justice), which police were able to quickly track to its owner.

As for what was written, the Foshan Procuratorate refuted it as rumor through its official Weibo account, saying that the post in question was a total fabrication which caused damage to the reputation of judicial authorities. The text has been translated by Penn Olson here:

After Spring Festival, the two prosecutors from the Foshan Chancheng District prosecutors’ office received ‘one-stop service’ from our sisters [i.e., prostitutes] at a sauna, and were caught completely naked at the scene by police from the Zumiao PSB substation. But the two were driving around and strolling the streets the next day, they didn’t get in any trouble whatsoever. Boo hoo, and yet our sisters are still suffering.

Given the Procuratorate’s direct role in the scandal, however, the refutation left netizens unconvinced.

Following an investigation, police discovered that Shang was not the original author of the post, but had only reposted it, and decided to lighten Shang’s penalty from criminal detention to administrative detention of 10 days. Shang was finally released on the evening of February 28.

Shang and his employer’s lawyers told Southern Metropolis Daily that they will appeal to the Foshan PSB for a review of the case and demand compensation.

Is the onus on publishers to verify all content they put out? Shang has since said he realizes he was wrong to not do so, but added that his lawyer will be handling all further matters related to his case.

Police in Foshan, meanwhile, claim to have come closer to identifying the source of the text, revealing that it was published to a separate local forum, Shi Er Qian (诗二千), on the evening of February 16.

Shang, following his release.

Southern Metropolis Daily quotes law experts who comment that Shang’s behavior in this case doesn’t constitute the crime of making a false accusation, as the post never disclosed any specific names. Based on legal procedure, they argue, even if the content of the post was untrue, the PSB ought to have provided evidence to refute the rumor instead of directly applying a criminal penalty.

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