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Don’t Hang Underwear on Your Balcony During APEC, or Beijing Police May Mistake You For a Sniper

Posted: 11/6/2014 4:12 pm

sniper rifleWith the APEC summit in Beijing fast approaching, the city is abuzz with excitement… if hiding in your own home out of fear of being shot counts as excitement.

This document comes to us from Facebook and while we can’t verify its authenticity, it has all the precautions and warnings Beijing residents have become familiar with whenever something important happens in the city.

The following appears to be an official notice posted in a public location:

notice apec


From November 6, 2014 until November 13, 2014, a world conference will be convening in Beijing. For this reason, precautions are being made to ensure the safety of every participating country from sniper attack from tall buildings located near the Third Ring Road.

Please refrain from wantonly opening your windows without restraint or hanging clothes from them in order not to be mistaken for an attacking sniper, thus leading to one’s injury or death. Be sure to pay attention to your own safety.

Office of On-Duty Staff

November 2, 2014

It goes without saying that if you are, in fact, a hostile sniper, you should turn yourself over to the authorities immediately before an innocent man hanging his underwear gets mistaken for you.

[h/t Brendan O'Kane]

Photos: Facebook, Guns America

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