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Guangzhou Deploys More Police Officers Following Bus Explosion

Posted: 07/18/2014 4:47 pm

gz security check police patrol anti terrorismGuangzhou police are stepping up patrols in the city following the July 15 bus fire that killed two and injured 32, reports Southcn. More than 11,000 Guangzhou police officers will be mobilized to try and keep the city safe.

Described as “unprecedented”, commuters entering Guangzhou train stations and bus stations will be required to undergo mandatory security checks that are like going through customs at an airport.

There was heightened security all around Guangzhou on July 17 with increased patrols by all levels of law enforcement. The police presence has increased most notably at transportation hubs like Guangzhou Railway Station, Guangzhou East Station, Tianhe Passenger Terminal Station, and Haizhu Passenger Terminal Station.

In addition to an increased police presence, Guangzhou will be utilizing its security network of 397,000 surveillance cameras for 24-hour surveillance.

gz security check police patrol anti terrorismgz security check police patrol anti terrorism


Photos: Sina Guangdong


Old Man Beaten to Death on Camera by Two Men in Huizhou

Posted: 06/6/2014 9:45 am

A garbage recycler in his 60s was beaten to death by two men in a residential building in Huizhou. No one came to the man’s assistance despite the presence of a security camera and security guards watching the feed.

The tragic incident took place on May 28 after 10:40pm in the hallway leading to the garage. Two men, who had arguments over garbage collection with the old man, ran into the victim in the hallway and left nothing to explanation by immediately beating him. Even when the old man collapsed onto the ground, the two men are still seen kicking him, Guangdong TV reported.

All three men were collecting garbage and plastic bottles for money in the building.

The old man as seen in the video was almost powerless: cornered into the end of the hallway by the two menacing and much-younger men, the old man did not strike back at all. According to the security camera footage, the beating lasted at least a minute and a half. When the old man’s family arrived on the scene, he was found lying on the ground with his head covered in blood, and blood dripping from his mouth and nose. When the doctors arrived, he was pronounced dead at the scene.

What most angered Ms Deng, the victim’s daughter, is the fact the assault was fully recorded by a CCTV camera located right above the hallway where the beating happened. It was watched by the security guards, but no one had come to stop the violence. When interviewed for the TV report, one of the security guards claimed they stopped the two suspects outside of the hallway after the beating, and called for police and medical assistance.

The two men were arrested by the police.

Home page and content page images: Guangdong TV


Shenzhen Ambulances Can Get Video Evidence If You Block Their Way

Posted: 05/21/2014 2:05 pm

shenzhen ambulance blockShenzhen ambulances have been mounted with dashboard video cameras to help collect evidence to prosecute drivers that obstruct their path, reports Shenzhen Evening News.

Starting May 19, a initiative had begun to penalize any driver that blocks the passage of an emergency vehicle in Shenzhen with fines of RMB 300 and three points deducted from their driver’s license. Yesterday, eight drivers were caught and fined for obstructing ambulances.

In similar fashion, a rear-mounted camera in the interior of the ambulance will collect video evidence to help settle any confrontations that should arise between patients and paramedics.

Previous cases of ambulance obstruction as well as assault on medical staff have been dismissed as no video evidence was collected.

Chen, a veteran ambulance driver, said that ambulances are normally blocked in Shenzhen:

Over 98% of drivers do not get out of the way for us. There is simply no concept of this in the minds of city residents.

The use of video cameras will also be prominently used in an online traffic monitoring system set to debut in Shenzhen next year.

Users will be able to access traffic conditions throughout the city updated every five minutes and be able to plan necessary detours, reports the Shenzhen Standard. Traffic will graded on a scale from one to five. GPS tracking devices in taxis will aid in determining the volume of traffic.

Photo: iFeng


Two drunken women haul Shenzhen taxi driver from vehicle, beat him for 20 minutes

Posted: 11/26/2012 7:00 am

We’ve all had disagreements with taxi drivers in China at one time or another, but two women let their tempers get the best of them and began beating a driver in Shenzhen after a dispute late last week.

Two women dragged a cab driver out of his car and beat him for around 20 minutes after last Wednesday (November 22), according to Shenzhen Satellite Television.

The women accused the driver of sexually harrassing them but the taxi company expressed doubt over these claims, noting both women sat in the back of the cab.

A representative of the taxi company, Mr. Zheng, said the cause of the dispute was the women’s inability to pay the fare after arriving at their destination.

According to one witness, the women dragged the driver out of the car and beat him for around 20 minutes. The driver did not retaliate. The witness said he could smell the alcohol on the women despite being a few yards away.

The witness also said the women accused the driver of trying to charge them 100 yuan for the journey, even though the meter was only at 50 yuan.

The driver said the reason for his non-retaliation was fear of retribution from the police. The women became increasingly rabid as they beat him and even used their high heel shoes to kick and stomp him.

Unsurprisingly, this isn’t the first time a Chinese taxi driver has felt the wrath of angry passengers: in a similar incident in 2010, two drunken women took their shoes off and beat a female cab driver repeatedly, according to

The installation of security cameras inside taxis, which has been planned in Shenzhen and implemented in Hangzhou and Qingdao, could help get to the bottom of such disputes.

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