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Shenzhen Ambulances Can Get Video Evidence If You Block Their Way

Posted: 05/21/2014 2:05 pm

shenzhen ambulance blockShenzhen ambulances have been mounted with dashboard video cameras to help collect evidence to prosecute drivers that obstruct their path, reports Shenzhen Evening News.

Starting May 19, a initiative had begun to penalize any driver that blocks the passage of an emergency vehicle in Shenzhen with fines of RMB 300 and three points deducted from their driver’s license. Yesterday, eight drivers were caught and fined for obstructing ambulances.

In similar fashion, a rear-mounted camera in the interior of the ambulance will collect video evidence to help settle any confrontations that should arise between patients and paramedics.

Previous cases of ambulance obstruction as well as assault on medical staff have been dismissed as no video evidence was collected.

Chen, a veteran ambulance driver, said that ambulances are normally blocked in Shenzhen:

Over 98% of drivers do not get out of the way for us. There is simply no concept of this in the minds of city residents.

The use of video cameras will also be prominently used in an online traffic monitoring system set to debut in Shenzhen next year.

Users will be able to access traffic conditions throughout the city updated every five minutes and be able to plan necessary detours, reports the Shenzhen Standard. Traffic will graded on a scale from one to five. GPS tracking devices in taxis will aid in determining the volume of traffic.

Photo: iFeng

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