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Chinese iPhone Buyers Brawl in the US as Local Launch Nears

Posted: 09/24/2014 8:58 am

new haven apple fight iphone 6A fight broke out in a line-up of people waiting to purchase the new iPhone 6 among two “rival groups”, leading to suspicions the buyers plan to resell the product to a Chinese market at inflated prices, reports Sina.

Ten people identified as “Chinese nationals” by Sina were involved in a brawl outside an Apple store in New Haven, USA on September 22. Three people were arrested, one of whom was sent to hospital but is okay.

Since the iPhone was released on Friday, police have been repeatedly called in by store managers complaining of unruly behavior, reports NBCDFW. New Haven police spokesman Officer David Hartman described the situation:

There seem to be two groups, rival groups, mainly of Chinese people who are coming in from New York on a daily basis and are trying to buy as many phones as the store will allow to sell any one person. These rival groups have been challenging each other over their places in line. At times, these challenges have resulted in violence.

A grandson and nephew to two of the people taken away protested against the arrests, saying, ”We do nothing!”

The iPhone’s price varies based on model, but reports indicate it is worth three to four times its original value when resold on the Chinese market. Reuters reports of many opportunists exploiting the delayed launch of the new Apple product in China.

The demand for the iPhone 6 has led to many smuggling attempts at China’s borders. In the three days since the phone’s launch, 600 iPhone 6′s have been seized at the Huanggang and Futian crossing in Shenzhen.

Mass numbers of Chinese are also said to have been the source of conflict in line-ups for the iPhone 6 in Japan, also leading to police involvement.

However, it looks like the wait in China may finally be over. Tencent is reported as saying the iPhone 6 is in the final stages of approval, and should be available “very soon”.

Photo: Sina Video


Foreigner Gets Whipped With A Leather Belt In Beijing Traffic Altercation

Posted: 09/9/2014 6:17 pm

beijing bmw traffic collision whippingAn unidentified foreigner has found out the hard way what it means to get involved in other people’s problems when he was assaulted during an altercation after a Beijing traffic accident.

The foreign man hailed a cab near Shuangjing with a female companion on September 6 around 9pm at south-east corner of Tianbian Street and Huili Road. However, a BMW was blocking the turning lane in front of the taxi. According to the cab driver and many eyewitnesses, the BMW went into reverse and collided with the taxi. That’s when everybody got out of their cars to talk it over.

Multiple witnesses say the two sides were just talking at first, but things escalated quickly when the expat kicked the front of the BMW. “Speaking honestly, the kick was not a heavy one,” according to one eyewitness, a Mr Wang.

beijing bmw traffic collision whipping

After that, Wang said the driver of the BMW, a woman, tried to kick the foreigner; then he pushed her down. More pushing and shoving ensued.

At one point, as the foreigner was picking up his things, the driver began to whip him with a leather belt. The foreigner’s friend pleaded with her to stop.

Many eyewitnesses describe the actions of the BMW as “excessive”, with one saying, “That he kicked her car isn’t right, but that doesn’t mean you can hit someone first.” Many are reported to be willing to provide testimony to the police in support of the foreigner.

Under police guidance, the two sides have negotiated a settlement. No charges by police are mentioned in the report.

This is a video that shows the foreigner being attacked with a belt and his female companion continuously pleading for it to stop:

Photo: iFeng


UFC Fight Night Macau Features Cung Le Vs Michael Bisping

Posted: 05/27/2014 9:40 am

It’s…. time! We could not be more stoked at this announcement: Cung Le is slated to fight Michael Bisping as the headline event at UFC: Macau 3 on August 23 at the Cotai Arena/Venetian Hotel in Macau.

Yesss. We’ve been waiting for Le’s return for too long, and now we’ll get to see more of mixed-martial arts’ best practitioner of kicking techniques, bar none.

Le is a world-famous kickboxer and former Strikeforce champion. He hasn’t fought often in the UFC, but had last appeared at the first UFC event to be aired from China, UFC: Macau, in which Le triumphantly knocked out the Cable Guy-version of Jim Carey known as Rich Franklin back in November, 2012.

We have been starving for good MMA fights in China. Besides the pushing matches broadcast on Chinese television in which any contact with an opponent’s head is simply rude and not allowed, we’ve had our hopes dashed by the lone UFC representative for China, Zhang Tiequan. Though he has the right name for a fighter*, Zhang didn’t do very well in the UFC having been KO’ed in 2012 by—get this—a Japanese fighter.

We’ve all seen the movies, and we’ve been told that all martial arts come from the Shaolin Temple. However, while the monks go on long promotional tours with licensed merchandising, it seems the progress of martial arts has stagnated ever since Bruce Lee dared to challenge the orhtodoxy of an insular disciple-based school of martial arts.

It was Lee that reformed modern martial arts and adopted new ideas like sparring and mixing components of various martial arts. Meanwhile, while developmental programs like Ultimate Fighter: China are starting to make headway, it seems the development of martial arts in China—mixed or otherwise— is limited to advances in wire-fu technology and in the selection of historical characters for idolatry.

Le was born in Vietnam and raised in the USA, but he’s the closest thing China has to a “traditional” martial artist if you’re willing to shuffle over geo-political lines. At the very least, Le appeared in the very best modern Chinese action movie about a safari hat-wearing Sun Yat-sen, Bodyguards and Assassins, starring alongside China’s embodiment of hair gel and wife beaters, Donnie Yen.

With this fight taking place in China, we’re sure that this will be an exciting bout as Le should galvanize the home crowd, something we’re sure will happen once Bisping says his next offensive comment to share the hurt feelings around.

Yeah… okay, we have to admit it: so there’s some tension going on between China and Vietnam right now, something that may make Chinese mainlanders rooting for a Vietnamese-American something of a long shot. But then, just look at who is on his T-shirt:cung le mma ufc

Give him a chance, China. Pump up, pump up.

Tickets for UFC: Macau 3, also known as Fight Night 48, will go on sale June 23.

* Zhang Tiequan is written as 张铁泉, and is an effective a pun in that “Iron Spring” sounds like “Iron Fist”

Photo: MMA Junkie, Cung Le Weibo


Shots Fired at Brawl on Guangzhou’s Beijing Pedestrian Street, Two Injured

Posted: 04/30/2014 10:20 am

As we first reported to you yesterday, a huge brawl took place on Beijing Street in Guangzhou on Monday (April 28). Apparently two men were ganged up on by the rest, and police fired two warning shots at the scene to stop the fighting, Nandu reports.

At around 3.30pm, six to seven men gathered in front of a decrepit store on the Beijing Street Pedestrian walkway. The men were all wearing similar green army fatigues, gloves with the fingers cut out of them, and sported similar haircuts. They were also armed with metal pipes.

Despite alerting police who arrived quicklky, a physical altercation broke out in front of police. The men in green chased two men that had arrived at the scene and beat them with their metal pipes, causing head trauma and other injuries that left a pool of blood on the ground. Because the combatants did not listen to police commands to stop, two warning shots were fired into the air.

Six men were taken into custody. The men had been fighting over renovations made to the store.brawl on beijing road  police shootingbrawl on beijing road police shootingbrawl on beijing road police shooting

Photos: City Weekend


PRD News Brief: Abandoned Baby, Labor Day Holiday, Electric Scooter Ban in Dongguan

Posted: 04/29/2014 5:30 pm

Shenzhen abandoned baby

Here’s out summary of stories and links around the PRD for today, Tuesday, April 29, 2014.

A baby boy was found abandoned in a trash bin in Meisha, Yantian District, Shenzhen on April 22 and taken to hospital, where it was found to be in full health. Police have no leads as to whom the parents are.

An eight year-old boy in Shenzhen named Xiao Hao fell down from the fourth to the first floor of the Huanlesong Shopping Mall in Nanxin Road in Nanshan District. The boy was riding the escalator at the time and incurred serious head injuries as a result. He is in critical condition at the moment, and is expected to remain in a vegetative state.

Making a break from conservative thinking that eschewed such practices, 255 Guangdong people selflessly gave the gift of life last year. The Guangdong Red Cross reports that since their pilot program started in 2010, a total of 374 donors have helped save 910 patients with 910 organ donations.

Here we grow again! Guangdong development projects have been announced, and they are nothing if not massive. 136 projects are planned for Guangzhou by the end of this year with a total budget of RMB 109 billion, while RMB 405.2 billion will be invested in Zhuhai to develop infrastructure like bridges as well as office buildings. Key to Zhuhai’s development will be a high-tech industrial development zone that will “foster talent and spur innovation” that should ehnance economic development while trying to preserve the environment.

No, they don’t just do that in movies: Two warning shots were fired by police to break up a fight between some 10-odd combatants on Beijing Road in Yuexiu District in Guangzhou. No word as to where those fired bullets wound up.

The Hong Kong and Shanghai stock exchanges will become interconnected. Some 10.5 billion yuan worth of Hong Kong stock will be available for trading on the Shanghai exchange, while 13 billion yuan worth of mainland stock will be available to Hong Kong traders. First up for cross-border trading: diapers.

There have been many applicants for the new “two child policy” in the wake of reforms. The oldest applicant? A 48 year-old woman.

By the end of next year, all electric motor scooters will be effectively banned from Dongguan streets. Local licensing to drive scooters was revoked, and the last remaining licensed scooters will not be up for renewal come expiration.

I guess it’s worth it if it makes the trains run on time: Dongguan’s civil servant exams are so strict, that they revoked an out-of-town applicant’s right to take the examination because she was two minutes late after getting lost at the terminal station. On the other hand, Guangzhou’s civil servant exam happened to feature a multiple-choice question about a popular Korean soap opera:

In the show ‘You Came From the Stars‘, Du Minjun has been living on Earth for four hundred years. During these past four hundred years [Du has been here], the historical event or phenomenon that he could not have witnessed during this time is…

Railway track for Dongguan’s Line 2 Metro is scheduled to be laid down today. This is a special type of “vibration-absorbing” track that will ultimately reduce subway noise by 30 db.

Ready for the Labor Day holiday? Think you’ll be driving out of here? Good luck with that. Here’s a list of roadways that are expected to be less congested than others, and is released to the public who will in no way fill it beyond capacity..

As we had told you about previously, the “frozen chicken” initiative will be happening in Guanzhou. The districts of Yuexiu, Liwan, Zhuhai and University Town have been selected as the first areas to begin the pilot program before implementing throughout the entire city. Under this initiative, chickens will be slaughtered in numbers, frozen, then shipped to markets. This puts an end to live markets for fresh chicken, but helps guard against avian flu outbreaks.

Weather: Cloudy today, temperatures 20-28 degrees Celsius. Tomorrow, moderate to heavy showers will hit the province from west to east.

Photo: Weibo


Don’t swear, it could get you expelled from a school in Dongguan

Posted: 10/24/2013 7:00 am

The vocational school of the Dongguan Institute of Technology has introduced a new disciplinary system that has seen 21 students expelled in under two months since the beginning of the semester, gdchinanews reports. Most of those expelled were aged 18 or 19.

An aerial view of the campus, courtesy of Google Images

What were their infractions? Some didn’t show up, some were caught littering, and others were busted using foul language, fighting, or in the dorm rooms of the opposite sex. While those might be punishable offences in some schools, DIT has decided to make even relatively small infractions expellable.

Guo Jingyi (alias) describes herself as a well behaved student. However, after staying at a friend’s house on the night of Sept. 23 and failing to return to her dorm during a typhoon, then allegedly allowing a boy to stay in her dorm on the night of Sept. 26 and missing classes during the subsequent probation period, she was expelled.

She cited embarrassment about the prior accusations as reasons not to show up to class. Because there is such a stigma with being expelled, she may have to leave Dongguan to find a school that will accept her.

A representative of the school defended the strict policies, saying it set good guidelines to maintain discipline throughout the rest of the year.

A freshman identified as Xiao Zhao said he was all for discipline and didn’t intend to break the rules, but he lived in fear.

For primary and middle schools in China, it is rare to expel students. But discipline is severely enforced, even for students aged 16 and above. In 2009, as many as 32 girls in Chancheng Experimental High School were suspended and forced to take a course on morals after growing their hair too long.

Dongguan Institute of Technology enrolled 4,000 students this year so strict discipline is necessary to keep order.

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