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PRD News Brief: Abandoned Baby, Labor Day Holiday, Electric Scooter Ban in Dongguan

Posted: 04/29/2014 5:30 pm

Shenzhen abandoned baby

Here’s out summary of stories and links around the PRD for today, Tuesday, April 29, 2014.

A baby boy was found abandoned in a trash bin in Meisha, Yantian District, Shenzhen on April 22 and taken to hospital, where it was found to be in full health. Police have no leads as to whom the parents are.

An eight year-old boy in Shenzhen named Xiao Hao fell down from the fourth to the first floor of the Huanlesong Shopping Mall in Nanxin Road in Nanshan District. The boy was riding the escalator at the time and incurred serious head injuries as a result. He is in critical condition at the moment, and is expected to remain in a vegetative state.

Making a break from conservative thinking that eschewed such practices, 255 Guangdong people selflessly gave the gift of life last year. The Guangdong Red Cross reports that since their pilot program started in 2010, a total of 374 donors have helped save 910 patients with 910 organ donations.

Here we grow again! Guangdong development projects have been announced, and they are nothing if not massive. 136 projects are planned for Guangzhou by the end of this year with a total budget of RMB 109 billion, while RMB 405.2 billion will be invested in Zhuhai to develop infrastructure like bridges as well as office buildings. Key to Zhuhai’s development will be a high-tech industrial development zone that will “foster talent and spur innovation” that should ehnance economic development while trying to preserve the environment.

No, they don’t just do that in movies: Two warning shots were fired by police to break up a fight between some 10-odd combatants on Beijing Road in Yuexiu District in Guangzhou. No word as to where those fired bullets wound up.

The Hong Kong and Shanghai stock exchanges will become interconnected. Some 10.5 billion yuan worth of Hong Kong stock will be available for trading on the Shanghai exchange, while 13 billion yuan worth of mainland stock will be available to Hong Kong traders. First up for cross-border trading: diapers.

There have been many applicants for the new “two child policy” in the wake of reforms. The oldest applicant? A 48 year-old woman.

By the end of next year, all electric motor scooters will be effectively banned from Dongguan streets. Local licensing to drive scooters was revoked, and the last remaining licensed scooters will not be up for renewal come expiration.

I guess it’s worth it if it makes the trains run on time: Dongguan’s civil servant exams are so strict, that they revoked an out-of-town applicant’s right to take the examination because she was two minutes late after getting lost at the terminal station. On the other hand, Guangzhou’s civil servant exam happened to feature a multiple-choice question about a popular Korean soap opera:

In the show ‘You Came From the Stars‘, Du Minjun has been living on Earth for four hundred years. During these past four hundred years [Du has been here], the historical event or phenomenon that he could not have witnessed during this time is…

Railway track for Dongguan’s Line 2 Metro is scheduled to be laid down today. This is a special type of “vibration-absorbing” track that will ultimately reduce subway noise by 30 db.

Ready for the Labor Day holiday? Think you’ll be driving out of here? Good luck with that. Here’s a list of roadways that are expected to be less congested than others, and is released to the public who will in no way fill it beyond capacity..

As we had told you about previously, the “frozen chicken” initiative will be happening in Guanzhou. The districts of Yuexiu, Liwan, Zhuhai and University Town have been selected as the first areas to begin the pilot program before implementing throughout the entire city. Under this initiative, chickens will be slaughtered in numbers, frozen, then shipped to markets. This puts an end to live markets for fresh chicken, but helps guard against avian flu outbreaks.

Weather: Cloudy today, temperatures 20-28 degrees Celsius. Tomorrow, moderate to heavy showers will hit the province from west to east.

Photo: Weibo

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