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Shots Fired at Brawl on Guangzhou’s Beijing Pedestrian Street, Two Injured

Posted: 04/30/2014 10:20 am

As we first reported to you yesterday, a huge brawl took place on Beijing Street in Guangzhou on Monday (April 28). Apparently two men were ganged up on by the rest, and police fired two warning shots at the scene to stop the fighting, Nandu reports.

At around 3.30pm, six to seven men gathered in front of a decrepit store on the Beijing Street Pedestrian walkway. The men were all wearing similar green army fatigues, gloves with the fingers cut out of them, and sported similar haircuts. They were also armed with metal pipes.

Despite alerting police who arrived quicklky, a physical altercation broke out in front of police. The men in green chased two men that had arrived at the scene and beat them with their metal pipes, causing head trauma and other injuries that left a pool of blood on the ground. Because the combatants did not listen to police commands to stop, two warning shots were fired into the air.

Six men were taken into custody. The men had been fighting over renovations made to the store.brawl on beijing road  police shootingbrawl on beijing road police shootingbrawl on beijing road police shooting

Photos: City Weekend

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