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PRD Today: Panyu Family of Six Dead Under Mysterious Circumstances

Posted: 04/30/2014 6:23 pm

zhongshan court parking lot murder divorce

PRD News Brief is our daily collection of news and links from the Pearl River Delta area and beyond.

Right after his divorce was completed yesterday morning, a Zhongshan man identified as Feng Weihong killed his ex-wife’s lover in the parking lot of the Zhongshan No.1 People’s Court. The incident took place just 20-30 meters from the main entrance to the courthouse, and eyewitnesses say court police and security did not give chase to the murderer. 

A family of six that include two children have been reported dead under mysterious circumstances in Panyu. Details have not yet been fully revealed, but confirmed dead is a Mr Song, his wife, their son and daughter, and the children’s two grandparents. The deaths were reported on April 29 at a residence in the Yuanming Yijing neighborhood of Lishe, near subway station Dashi station on line 3 in the Dashi District of Panyu.

dongguan eating bus driver

Fast food: A driver on Route 112 in Dongguan has been photographed operating a bus while eating from a rice box at the same time on April 28.

There has been resistance to the initiative to ban live poultry markets in Guangzhou as a way to help prevent the spread of avian flu. A recent survey states that 38 percent of residents oppose the ban, while 66 percent believe that frozen chicken will compromise the taste and flavor of cooked chicken dishes.

After returning to his work dormitory in Luogang District in Guangzhou after a night of drinking with a client and co-workers, an inebriated Huang Fang was discovered to have fallen nine stories to his death. Now, Huang’s drinking partners have been ordered by a court to provide compensation to his grieving family for their part in his accidental death.

abandoned baby in boxAn abandoned baby was found in a cardboard box near a gas station in Humen, Dongguan. Eyewitnesses say the baby boy looks to be two years old as it has already teethed. The baby is suspected to be suffering from serious illnesses.

The owner of a beauty salon was stabbed to death in an argument with a male client in Baiyun District in Guangzhou.

Holiday goers are warned to take precautions: precipitation is expected to be heavy today and tomorrow, but the temperature should be nice at 22-26 degrees Celsius.

Photos: Sina, Dongguan Times, Dongguan Times

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