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Shenzhen rushes to raise taxi fuel surcharge, violating its own regulations

PRD commuters feel pain as taxis up fares following nationwide raises in fuel prices; Guangzhou taxis spared…for now. Continue reading

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Guangzhou ayis raise their rates, employers not ready to budge

With inflation now felt all around the PRD, it was only a matter of time before ayis–in-house chef, cleaner, babysitter and for some, mistress–decided to up the ante too. In Guangzhou, employers of ayi services are now complaining that they can no longer afford the luxury of hiring an ayi, meaning it’s probably time for some husbands to start learning how to cook. Continue reading

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Inflation forces students to live in “box dorms”

Inflation and rising housing costs are forcing students to seek alternatives to regular campus dorms, with some finding tiny boxes – 18 square meters each – to share with classmates. Continue reading

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If you have cheap rent, lock it in

Those who signed their rental leases a few months ago are among the lucky ones. With inflation hitting 5% in China, rental rates are skyrocketing. Rents are up an average of 10% in Beijing, Shanghai, and here in Guangzhou. Continue reading

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