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The Bieb to serenade pre-teen fans in Hong Kong

Posted: 02/23/2011 9:06 am

Hong Kong is about to play host to arguably the biggest superstar on the planet: Justin Bieber. (We used to call them singer/songwriters, but don’t think it strictly applies in this case.)

Judging from the comments posted at CNNGo, he looks to have quite the fan base on this side of the water.

Due in Hong Kong on May 13 at the Asia World-Expo, Justin Bieber will no doubt be greeted by hoardes of screaming fans as soon as he lands in the city, probably including the ladies from the Hong Kong fan club who were lucky enough to chat with him online last year.

But before he reaches Hong Kong, he will touch down in Australia as well as the Philippines as part of his tour in Asia.

Bieber is so famous, he has his own 3D movie — “Never Say Never,” a documentary about his rise from YouTube sensation to international megastar, due to release in Hong Kong on April 21.

If you happen to have a 12-year old daughter, you’ll either want to shield her from this groundbreaking news or get ready to shell out for some likely rather expensive tickets.

As I Canadian, I’d just like to say I apologize. First k.d. lang, then Celine Dion, and now the Bieb.

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