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Jaycee Chan and Kai Ko To Lose Millions in Endorsements

Posted: 08/19/2014 7:23 pm

jaycee jackie chan tea endorsementJaycee Chan and Kai Ko are the latest of a number of celebrities, notably from Hong Kong and Taiwan, that have been charged with drug-related offenses, mostly in and around Beijing. As people wait for the fallout from the arrests, there’s one thing we can be certain of: both celebrities will lose a lot in endorsement money.

Many celebrities make the majority of their earnings from lucrative endorsement deals. Estimates vary, but some sources say the figure tops RMB 70 million a year.

As a rising star, Ko is considerably more famous than Chan, but the two still have 25 endorsement deals between them. Ko has endorsement deals with KFC, Nivea men’s skin cream, Stride chewing gum, Chevrolet cars, Cornetto ice cream, and Maybelline BB skin cream. Meanwhile, Chan has endorsement deals with Yuanye tea, Dove chocolate, and Kangta athletic shoes.

kai ko nivea

But since Chinese television has a zero tolerance towards drug use, it is very likely that all of these commercials will be pulled from broadcast.

Mr Li, who works in entertainment management, gave this estimate:

For a hot young guy like Kai Ko, a single endorsement deal should be worth about RMB four million a year. That means if he currently has 19 endorsement deals, he should be making about RMB six million a month. This does not take into consideration his fee made when performing in movies.

On the other hand, Jaycee’s worth should be lower than Kai’s. It can’t really be calculated, but his six endorsement deals should earn him somewhere around RMB two to three million a year.

CCTV estimated the loss of revenue from cancelled endorsement deals to be worth “hundreds of millions” without providing specifics, while Xinhua made an estimate of RMB 50 million a year.

It’s still too early for this pair to consider a comeback, but even that might be difficult once some time has passed. On August 13, a number of prominent Chinese entertainment agencies publicly signed a contract that blacklisted any talent that used drugs.

In 2011, Jaycee Chan’s father, Jackie Chan, announced that he was leaving his vast fortune to charity, and not to his children.

jaycee chan dove commercial

Before it gets lost to time, here’s a Dove commercial featuring Jaycee Chan and Guo Caijie.

Photos: starpedia77y4, nipicadquan


Jackie Chan’s Son, Jaycee, Arrested on Drug Charges in Beijing

Posted: 08/18/2014 10:28 pm

jaycee chan jackie chanJaycee Chan, son of famous Chinese action film star Jackie Chan, and Taiwanese actor Kai Ko were arrested on drug charges last week, the Beijing police have just confirmed.

The arrests were made at Chan’s Beijing residence in Dongcheng District on August 14. An amount of marijuana over 100 grams was seized from the premises, reports Foshan Daily.

Both Chan, 31, and Ko, 21, confessed to using marijuana.

Both men were taken into police custody. Chan was detained for possession of the drug while Ko was detained for using it.

This year has seen a number of famous Chinese actors and directors get arrested for drug related crimes. They include Li Daimo, Zhang Yuan, Ning Caishen, Zhang Mo, He Shengdong, and Gao Hu.

Photo: Chinese Films


Guangdong Has China’s Very Own Celebrity Rehab Center

Posted: 06/27/2014 9:46 am

huizhou drug rehab When celebrity Chinese TV writer Ning Caishen, aka Chen Wanning and creator of the popular TV comedy My Own Swordsman (武林外传), and director Zhang Yuan were both caught doing drugs, we figured that they may soon be going to rehab to clean themselves up. Fortunately there’s a place that caters to people just like them: the rich, powerful, and famous — and addicted to drugs.

After news of the two celebrity arrests broke yesterday, Yangcheng Evening News reported that Huizhou “conveniently” houses one of the most luxurious rehab centers for celebrities, entrepreneurs and government officials, the Huizhou Luofushan Patient’s Rehabilitation Center.

Founded in 1992 and boasting a European-style resort decor, the center charges up to RMB 68,000 for a 20 day stay, and includes meals, medication and most importantly, privacy. Because let’s be honest, for celebrities, officials or cash-strapped entrepreneurs, a drug scandal is probably not the kind of attention they want to attract.

huizhou drug rehab

To meet the needs of its high-end clientele, the owner of the rehab center spent RMB 30 million on its renovation in 2013 to turn it into “the most luxurious rehab center” in the Pearl River Delta. Offering a limited 70 king-sized beds with TV and air conditioning, the center charges a minimum of RMB 7,000 per day including meals and medication, the report said.

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Guangdong a Particular Problem

Some of the patients at the rehab center consider it another stop on the party train. Patient Zhang Long (a pseudonym), told a reporter in 2013 while smoking a cigarette:

We’re not allowed to hit the bars or go hang out with our friends. Instead, all we can do is talk with fellow patients about our our “glory days”. I used to be somebody important, made a lot of money, had a lot of friends. Right now, they’re still probably still having fun.

June 26 marked the symbolically-important “International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking”. With a high-profile crackdown on drugs currently making the rounds in China, Zhang Yuan and Ning Caishen could be expecting company.

We could soon have a Chinese version of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.

Here are some more photos of the Huizhou rehab center:

huizhou drug rehabhuizhou drug rehab

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huizhou drug rehab

huizhou drug rehabhuizhou drug rehab

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huizhou drug rehabhuizhou drug rehab


Photos: huizhou.home77


Police Raid in Luoding Seizes 250 Kg of Drugs, Three Arrested

Posted: 05/2/2014 8:00 am

Three people were arrested in a drug raid on a residence in Luoding, Guangdong at which police seized 6.8 kg of crystal meth, 249.8 kg of undisclosed drugs and 12.65 kg of Jointfir (herba ephedrae *), China News reported on April 29.

The police formed a special investigation team to look into the drug lab hiding on Shuangdong Street after receiving a tip-off.

The police targeted a drug dealer named Ah Cheng, who had been trafficking drugs in Guangzhou, Yunfu and Luoding, and whom led police to the drug ring and its trafficking network.

The police launched the operation on April 17 when the three suspects were preparing to transport the crystal meth to its buyers in Guangzhou. It’s not clear if the drugs were intended for domestic buyers or to be exported.

Luoding, a city in the west of Guangdong, is so notorious for drug production and trafficking that residents are said to be farming poppies in their backyard.

In March, a local villager surnamed Chan was arrested by police after discovered to have grown 2,250 poppy plants on her farm. Chan claimed she was using the plants to cure her husband’s back pain, the Guangzhou Daily reported.

* This is an ingredient used in Chinese herbal medicine to treat edema and dyspnea

Home page image: New Express Daily 


Cops surround KTV in Dongguan and arrest 1,000 in ketamine raid

Posted: 05/13/2013 7:00 am

Police arrested over 1,000 people in one operation after surrounding a KTV in Dongguan in the small hours of May 9. The reason? Evidence suggests that ketamine was being taken in over 50 of the rooms, according to Shenzhen Satellite Television.

Suspects after being rounded up.

According to one eyewitness, the suspects had to be frogmarched into more than 130 police vans. Police found evidence in each of the rooms at the KTV of the Junhuang Hotel in Zhongtang Village that patrons were taking the drug, said a source familiar with the matter.

The operation involved criminal police, the drugs squad and several teams of cadets and led to raids of 57 KTV rooms in which some patrons were caught red-handed.

As well as doing blood tests and urine samples on the suspects, and investigation into how this was made possible is ongoing.

In February, a video aimed at cleaning up Dongguan’s image as a sin city was produced. This case may leave it back at square one.

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