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China Executes Two Foreigners for Drug Trafficking in Guangzhou

Posted: 07/3/2014 1:22 pm

Two people from Uganda were executed in Guangzhou on June 25 after being convicted of drug trafficking. The remains of two are still in China as officials wait for the families to pay for the cost of transport, reports New Vision.

At the time of arrest, Omer Ddamulira and Andrew Ham Ngobi were carrying 28 kg and 15 kg of cocaine, respectively, say sources at the Uganda mission in Beijing. The cocaine they were carrying was worth $2.6 million.

Charles Wagidoso, Uganda’s ambassador to China, said efforts were being made to return the remains of the two men, both of whom were cremated. The Ugandan Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the Ugandan government does not pay for the transportation of Ugandans who die abroad.

Ministry spokesperson Fred Opolot explained said, “Financially it would be an extremely heavy burden,” but expressed optimism that bilateral agreements between China and Uganda will provide for the transfer of prisoners between the two countries, even for convicted drug traffickers and those who have died.

Ngobi’s wife, Marriam Nabbanja, spent months not knowing her husband had been arrested. She was finally told of her husband’s fate by Interpol, but remains unconvinced of Ngobi’s guilt. She said he was a trouble-free man for three years, adding, “Why didn’t they arrest him at the airport when he was entering if indeed he had cocaine?”

Photo: Wikipedia Commons


Drug-Riddled Guangdong Town Presents Challenge to Police

Posted: 06/25/2014 8:00 am

A police raid on Boshe village in December, 2013.

Like other Chinese provinces, Guangdong often launches ill-fated campaigns against corruption, prostitution or terrorism. While some campaigns enjoy moderate levels of success, when it comes to the drug trade, attempts at intervention have been less than stellar. Not to put too fine a point on it, the province’s Deputy Police Chief recently admitted that he is unable to eradicate drug production in Lufeng.

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“It will take arduous work over a long period to solve the problem of Lufeng. We are trying to use high-handed measures to clamp down on its drug trade. We hope to see a turning point in the second half of the year,” said Guo Shaobo, Deputy Head of Guangdong Police Department, China News reported.

Locally known as “the fortress”, Lufeng is responsible for one-third of all crystal meth production in China.

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Located on the coast of the South China Sea, Lufeng is notorious for its meth production. The city’s stronghold of Boshe village, nestled deep in the mountains, provides the perfect hideout for the family-run meth empire.

Suspects run at the first sign of police, while villagers intently watch for any movement on city outskirts. In some cases, villagers organize road barricades to block police from entering, Yangcheng Evening News reported.

The drug trade is an open secret in the village, given that the party chief and some corrupt police officials shield its drug production. In fact, the party chief was named the “biggest drug trafficker” in the region. More than one-fifth of all households are linked to drug production or trafficking, which is the only profitable livelihood for many villagers.

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Still, even to some experienced policemen, the extent of the village’s drug operation remains shocking. In December 2013, a massive police raid involving more than 3,000 policemen, using helicopters and speedboats, seized three tons of crystal meth and 23 tons of raw materials, South China Morning Post reported.

According to Guo, authorities in Guangdong have seized a total of 14.1 tons of drugs, with a street value of nearly RMB 160 million, since launching “Operation Thunder” in July 2013. The province has busted 320 criminal drug rings, arrested 20,403 people and dismantled 361 drug production bases. In addition to the traditionally known drugs, new drug varieties are surfacing, such as a new drug called Khat or African Tea.

Even with those impressive statistics, the Deputy Police Chief is less than optimistic about his department’s ability to stem the flow of drugs into Guangdong.


Photos: SCMP, China News


Police Raid in Luoding Seizes 250 Kg of Drugs, Three Arrested

Posted: 05/2/2014 8:00 am

Three people were arrested in a drug raid on a residence in Luoding, Guangdong at which police seized 6.8 kg of crystal meth, 249.8 kg of undisclosed drugs and 12.65 kg of Jointfir (herba ephedrae *), China News reported on April 29.

The police formed a special investigation team to look into the drug lab hiding on Shuangdong Street after receiving a tip-off.

The police targeted a drug dealer named Ah Cheng, who had been trafficking drugs in Guangzhou, Yunfu and Luoding, and whom led police to the drug ring and its trafficking network.

The police launched the operation on April 17 when the three suspects were preparing to transport the crystal meth to its buyers in Guangzhou. It’s not clear if the drugs were intended for domestic buyers or to be exported.

Luoding, a city in the west of Guangdong, is so notorious for drug production and trafficking that residents are said to be farming poppies in their backyard.

In March, a local villager surnamed Chan was arrested by police after discovered to have grown 2,250 poppy plants on her farm. Chan claimed she was using the plants to cure her husband’s back pain, the Guangzhou Daily reported.

* This is an ingredient used in Chinese herbal medicine to treat edema and dyspnea

Home page image: New Express Daily 


Foshan man sentenced to 12-years in prison after accidentally shooting girlfriend to death

Posted: 05/15/2012 7:26 am

A 31-year-old Foshan drug dealer, identified as “Ou”, has been sentenced to 12-years imprisonment for drug trafficking, possession of an illegal firearm, and manslaughter, after accidentally killing his girlfriend.

On October 24th of last year, Ou and his girlfriend Ah Hong, were at his rented apartment in Foshan’s Nanshan District. The apartment was full of narcotics Ou used for trafficking, as well as a firearm he claims to have illegally purchased for self-defence. When Hong asked to see the gun, Ou removed the ammunition clip before handing it to her. Later, as a joke, Ou pointed the gun at Hong and pulled the trigger, assuming it wasn’t loaded. Unaware there was still a bullet in the chamber, the gun went off and struck Hong in the back, who immediately fell to the ground.

Ou rushed Hong to the hospital in an attempt to save her; unfortunately, she died soon after. Fearing the worst, Ou fled and remained in hiding until he was eventually caught and arrested a few weeks later. When police searched his apartment, they discovered the gun, and plenty of narcotics, including: 504.14 grams of ketamine, 3.52 grams of methamphetamine, and 0.19 grams of heroin.

Ou pled guilty to all charges and was sentenced to 12-years imprisonment, followed by 3-years probation, and a 10,000RMB fine. He told the court that he had no intention of killing Hong, and only wanted to “scare her”: “I was shocked when the gun went off” he said,  “I did not expect such a loud bang”. According to the jury, Ou was granted leniency on the grounds of economic hardship, and for attempting to save Hong’s life by taking her to the hospital.

Source: The Southern Metropolis Daily

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