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Drug sting at hotel in Guangzhou nets 10 foreigners

Posted: 08/15/2013 7:00 am

At least 10 foreigners were among those arrested when 1,300 police officers were dispatched in a drug bust on the Lihua Hotel near Guangzhou’s Guangyuan West Road, Xinhua reports.

Police arrest 168 in the sting, including two foreigners (at least one of whom was from Africa) who unsuccessfully tried unsuccessfully to escape in their underwear during the raid on the 5th floor.

Police told media that they also seized large amounts of methamphetamine, heroin and instruments used to make drugs. They also seized cash and weapons.

The foreigners are all thought to be from Africa, with Mali and Nigeria among the nationalities mentioned in the media.

This is likely to create more tension between the African community and local authorities in Guangzhou after the riots last year.

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