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Police Raid in Luoding Seizes 250 Kg of Drugs, Three Arrested

Posted: 05/2/2014 8:00 am

Three people were arrested in a drug raid on a residence in Luoding, Guangdong at which police seized 6.8 kg of crystal meth, 249.8 kg of undisclosed drugs and 12.65 kg of Jointfir (herba ephedrae *), China News reported on April 29.

The police formed a special investigation team to look into the drug lab hiding on Shuangdong Street after receiving a tip-off.

The police targeted a drug dealer named Ah Cheng, who had been trafficking drugs in Guangzhou, Yunfu and Luoding, and whom led police to the drug ring and its trafficking network.

The police launched the operation on April 17 when the three suspects were preparing to transport the crystal meth to its buyers in Guangzhou. It’s not clear if the drugs were intended for domestic buyers or to be exported.

Luoding, a city in the west of Guangdong, is so notorious for drug production and trafficking that residents are said to be farming poppies in their backyard.

In March, a local villager surnamed Chan was arrested by police after discovered to have grown 2,250 poppy plants on her farm. Chan claimed she was using the plants to cure her husband’s back pain, the Guangzhou Daily reported.

* This is an ingredient used in Chinese herbal medicine to treat edema and dyspnea

Home page image: New Express Daily 

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