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Former Shenzhen Deputy Mayor Gets 10 Years For Corruption

Posted: 12/29/2014 10:00 am
liang daoxing

Liang Daoxing

The former deputy mayor of Shenzhen, Liang Daoxing, has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for corruption. The 63-year-old who served from 2002 to 2009, was convicted of accepting RMB 1.94 million, HKD 2.78 million, and US $5,000 in bribes.

The laundry list of offences included, allowing businesses to pay for his travel expenses, as well as his daughter’s apartment. Liang disputed the charges, arguing he should have received a more lenient sentence due to his years of public service.

When Liang was party chief of Nanshan District, he reportedly took HKD 680,000 from an engineer at Nanyou Holdings Co., surnamed Ye, in exchange for appointing him head of the Nanshan Urban Construction and Development Co., a state-owned enterprise. Ye, also charged with corruption, pleaded guilty earlier this month to accepting RMB 2.09 million and HKD 290,000 in bribes.

Then there was Jiang Hanping, a deep-pocketed man who shelled out twice to Liang—once to become head of Shenzhen’s family planning commission, which cost him RMB 130,000, and later to ascend to the head of Shenzhen’s public health bureau, a promotion with a price tag of RMB 500,000.

Liang didn’t just hand-out promotions to the highest bidder, he also accepted RMB 428,510 and HKD 1.1 million in bribes to relocate Shenzhen’s Neurological Disease Hospital and a factory.

Liang also used a man named Zhang to purchase the aforementioned apartment for his daughter, who was getting married at the time. Liang paid roughly 60% of the cost, and Zhang shelled out the rest. Zhang then agreed to decorate and furnish the apartment, paying an additional HKD 600,000.

Photo: xwh


Maserati Smashes into Electric Bike in Shenzhen, Injuring Two

Posted: 07/28/2014 10:00 am

maserati crash shenzhenAnother sports car has been involved in a traffic accident in the Pearl River Delta.

This time a Maserati GTS collided with an electric bike, injuring two people, at around 1:20am on July 26 at the intersection of Wanghai Road and Wanxia Road in Shenzhen, according to a post on the official Weibo account of the Shenzhen Traffic Police.

The driver of electric bike, Heng, and the passenger on the bike, Huang, were the two people on the bike. Not surprisingly, the accounts of what happened differ.

The driver of the Maserati said that the electric bike passed through a red light, and he wasn’t able to apply his brakes in time. Conversely, the passenger on the electric bike said neither he nor the electric bike driver saw any lights on the Maserati, and it was going too crash shenzhenmaserati crash shenzhenmaserati crash shenzhenmaserati crash shenzhenmaserati crash shenzhen


Photos: Shenzhen Traffic Police


Check Out These Pics of the New Shenzhen Museum of Design

Posted: 06/26/2014 8:47 pm

shekou museum of design victoria and albert shenzhenWe recently told you about plans to open China’s first design museum in Shekou, Shenzhen, but we didn’t know what it would look like—until now.

The Victoria and Albert Museum signed a deal with the property arm of the China Merchants Group on June 17 to jointly collaborate upon the new museum.

As part of the deal, the V & A will have a dedicated gallery to show major V & A exhibitions as well as their own curated displays.

These designs are by Japanese architect Fumihiko Maki and they look what we’d expect a design museum to look like.

Here are some photographs from bdonline to hold you over until the museum is scheduled to open in 2016.

shekou museum of design victoria and albert shenzhenshekou museum of design victoria and albert shenzhenshekou museum of design victoria and albert shenzhen

Photos: bdonline


China’s First Museum of Design To Open in Shenzhen

Posted: 06/20/2014 6:22 pm

victoria and albert museumAmong the many agreements signed between Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and British Prime Minister David Cameron earlier this week that amounted to a reported $24 billion dollars, there was one in particular that concerned the Pearl River Delta, and it also happened to be the sole cultural deal between the two sides.

The China Merchants Group and the Victoria and Albert Museum signed a deal on Tuesday to open China’s first museum of design in Shenzhen, reports Shenzhen News. The museum will be located in Shekou and marks the first time a Chinese enterprise and British public organization will team up.

While the development and operation of the museum will be taken care of by the China Merchants Property Development Co, the Victoria and Albert Museum will operate a dedicated gallery as well as be responsible for training museum personnel. Japanese architect Fumihiko Maki will be responsible for designing the museum.

In related architectural announcements, Czech architect and designer Bořek Šípek is slated to design an entertainment and shopping complex in nearby Foshan, reports the Prague Post.

Called “Star Light Lake Square”, the complex is scheduled to be completed by 2016 and is expected to cost upwards of RMB 1.45 billion.

Photo: Zimbio


Hundreds of Shenzhen Couples Marry on “I Love You” Day, 5/20

Posted: 05/21/2014 1:01 pm

i love you day marriageYesterday was a terrible day in Shenzhen: there was heavy rain, lightning, and flooding as the city issued a red alert weather warning to make the crappiness of yesterday bureaucratically-approved. And yet, yesterday saw hundreds of Shenzhen couples throw caution to the wind and take the plunge into marriage as May 20 is now regarded as one of the most romantic days of the year in China.

If you missed it, yesterday was “I Love You” Day, so-called because the Chinese pronunciation of the date 5/20 (wú èr líng) can be loosely re-interpreted as the phase “I love you” (我爱你, wǒ ài nǐ).

The populist trend of this fad stems from online communities, as have other random dates that sound similar to romantic phrases. They include: 2013/1/4 (“Love you for the rest of my life, now and forever”), 1/3/14 (“For now and for always”), and 11/11 (Singles’ Day). These dates have seen hordes of lovebirds flocking to marriage licensing centers to get hitched at the right place and at the right timedate.

493 couples tied the knot yesterday in Nanshan District, while the number of married couples in Futian District was reported at a prophetic 520, reports NewsGD.

i love you day marriage

The number of marriage license applicants numbered eight times more than those on average non-”I Love You” days at the Nanshan marriage licensing center. Extra security guards were called in to help keep order from rambunctious lovers who presumably didn’t want to wait until the non-symbolic day of May 21, otherwise known as the summer solstice.

However, that wasn’t the biggest public display of love in Shenzhen on “I Love You” Day. The message “Jia loves Qiong; our love is ordained by heaven” was written in lights yesterday on Shenzhen’s tallest building, the KK100, a lost sentiment upon every other Shenzhen resident who had to settle for rain and lightning to pour down from the sky above.

“I Love You” Day now joins the ranks of China’s other recognized days of romance: Valentines’ Day, White Day (March 14, when girls give gifts to their boyfriends in return), Qixi Festival on 7/7 of the Lunar Calendar, and Singles’ Day on November 11 (Lantern Festival can be seen as China’s “traditional Valentine’s Day”).

We’ll try to keep you apprised of any new developments should they arise.

Photos: NewsGD, Shenzhen Evening Report via Weibo


Angry his wheel was clamped, Shenzhen man tries to blow up own car

Posted: 01/8/2014 7:41 pm

A man in Shenzhen’s Nanshan District tried to blow up his own car after he was clamped for illegally parking last week.

After parking on a yellow line on Jan. 3 while he went to withdraw money from the Ping’an Bank in Baishizhou, Mr. Chen came out to discover that he had been clamped. He then lit a book and threw it into the back seat of the car in an attempt to blow it up. Luckily, the traffic cops and a number of passers by were on hand to prevent the blaze leading to an explosion, Jiangxi Television reported today.

The source of Chen’s anger was an obscure technicality. His claim that the yellow line he was parked on was on a “government road” but not a “community road,” therefore if he was to be punished then it should have been by traffic cops and not regular cops.

You can see footage of him raging here:


Weibo user posts photos of supposed riot in Shenzhen

Posted: 10/30/2013 7:00 am

A Sina Weibo user uploaded images of a riot he says took place in Shenzhen’s Nanshan District yesterday. The user @吴俊南123456 says up to 50 riot police were called in after a vendor was beaten up by chengguan. However, no established local media outlet has yet confirmed the claims.

According to a round-up in, it started when a group of chengguan beat up a vendor and were then surrounded by over 1,000 angry members of the public.

Riot police were then allegedly sent in to restore order. Here are some of the images that were uploaded:

The vendor who was allegedly beaten up by chengguan. The vendor is said to have been from Xinjiang

The chengguan are surrounded by angry passers-by

The riot police arrive

If all these claims are true, it will be a step backward in two very important relationships: that between chengguan and the public and that between Xinjiangese and the Han locals in the places they migrate to.

This month, Guangzhou enacted rules stipulating that Chengguan must show basic courtesy to people they meet. This was aimed at improving the image of the notoriously hated and feared law enforcers.

After weekend’s deadly car crash in Tiananmen Square, Uighur suspects are being sought in connection with the case. It has even been suggested that it may have been a suicide attack by Islamic separatists.

There is always plenty of tension between the Han and the Uighur bubbling just below the surface, as became evident in the Urumqi riots of 2009.

Baishizhou is one of Shenzhen’s most diverse areas. It has been written about extensively by local anthropologist and China-hand Maryann O’Donnell.


Luxury apartment building collapses while under construction in Shenzhen

Posted: 09/30/2013 10:30 am

A luxury apartment building collapsed while under construction due to a road cave-in in the Shenzhen Bay reclamation area on Saturday Sept. 28, Nandu Daily reports.

Reclamation projects in Shenzhen Bay have long been controversial for environmental reasons, so investigators are now looking at whether the area itself is ecologically unstable.

The collapse will be an expensive setback for the project, image courtesy of Southern Metropolis Daily

The construction site, which Parkland company is primarily responsible for, is located in Nanshan District’s Houhai area, near the intersection of Dongbin Road and Keyuan Boulevard. When completed, it will be the most expensive part of all Shenzhen.

Safety is not the only reason why construction in the area is controversial. An op-ed in Shenzhen Daily in Jan 2012 had this to say:

Land reclamation projects in Shenzhen Bay have resulted in sediment rising more than 30 centimeters in 10 years. It has also led to worsening water quality, which explains the stench. The poor water quality in Shenzhen Bay also threatens the Futian Mangrove Nature Reserve. Wang Yongjun, former head of the reserve, said Shenzhen’s remaining 300 hectares of mangrove forest could be destroyed within 60 years if sediment continues to rise at current speed.

Shenzhen has had 37 cave-ins since 2007, claiming eight lives.


Woman in SZ sues hospital after ‘hymen is broken in gynaecological check-up’

Posted: 08/22/2013 7:00 am

Several hospitals in Dongguan revealed early this year that the number of women seeking hymen reconstruction surgery before the Chinese New Year holiday had tripled and Shanghaiist reported that this is a trend around the nation.

The surgery can cost in the region of 5000 RMB. But what happens when the opposite happens, and a hospital breaks a virgin’s hymen during a gynecological check-up?

An angry Miss Su shows up at the hospital, image courtesy of Southern Metropolis Daily.

A 25 year-old woman in Shenzhen’s Nanshan District is suing Wuzhou Hospital for 200,000 yuan after just such an accident is said to have occurred on August 11, Southern Metropolis Daily reports.

Su claims to have never had a boyfriend and have no sexual history.

When she went for a check-up, the gynecologist reported that she had vaginitis, but when she went again the next day, she was found to have fresh perineum wounds and claims not to have been given a satisfactory explanation as to what happened.

The hospital denies breaking her hymen but has admitted to an inconsistency in its report. It has refunded the 3,000 yuan it cost Miss Su to have the check-up.

The dean of the hospital Mr. Wang claims that the gynecologist had asked Miss Su whether she had a sexual history, and she said: “Not recently.” Miss Su denies being asked this question.

On August 13, Miss Su showed up at the hospital with her medical records and a forensic book claiming that she is prepared to sue the hospital.

The hospital insists she is getting no more than the 3,000 yuan she has already been refunded.


Diverse group of artists to showcase their work at exhibition in Shenzhen

Posted: 07/31/2013 2:04 pm

“Sleepwalker” by Minmin Wu

The SHARE via ART – 2013 Summer MIX event will showcase the work of a diverse range of artists in a variety of media at OCT in Shenzhen’s Nanshan District from Aug. 25 to Sept. 7.

The founder of ART+ is Hong Kong-born, UK-educated artist and graphic designer Katherine Li. She told The Nanfang that artists whose work will be on exhibition at Block A, No. 201, OCT Ecological Sq. include herself, Michel Bertrand from France, Martin Larronde from France, and Tomasso Rodolfo Masera from Italy as well as others from Russia, China, the United States, and Canada.

Chinese artists Tony Liu, Bruce Wu and Minmin Wu will also have their work exhibited.

Respected local expat musicians such as vocalist and guitar player Dave Seymour, bass player Tom Bird and singer-songwriter Stephen Merchant will also be showcasing their talents at the exhibition.

“Celestial Lands” by Michel Bertrand

The opening reception will be held on Saturday Aug. 24 from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. and the exhibition will be open on Monday to Thursday to those who have an appointment and Friday to Sunday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The exhibition is being held in association with charities IRNGO and Shenzhen Min Ai Disabled Children’s Welfare Center. It is co-organised by experienced charity worker Lana Koshel whose artwork will also be on show.

For more information, contact Katherine Li at [email protected]

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