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Angry his wheel was clamped, Shenzhen man tries to blow up own car

Posted: 01/8/2014 7:41 pm

A man in Shenzhen’s Nanshan District tried to blow up his own car after he was clamped for illegally parking last week.

After parking on a yellow line on Jan. 3 while he went to withdraw money from the Ping’an Bank in Baishizhou, Mr. Chen came out to discover that he had been clamped. He then lit a book and threw it into the back seat of the car in an attempt to blow it up. Luckily, the traffic cops and a number of passers by were on hand to prevent the blaze leading to an explosion, Jiangxi Television reported today.

The source of Chen’s anger was an obscure technicality. His claim that the yellow line he was parked on was on a “government road” but not a “community road,” therefore if he was to be punished then it should have been by traffic cops and not regular cops.

You can see footage of him raging here:

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