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Woman in SZ sues hospital after ‘hymen is broken in gynaecological check-up’

Posted: 08/22/2013 7:00 am

Several hospitals in Dongguan revealed early this year that the number of women seeking hymen reconstruction surgery before the Chinese New Year holiday had tripled and Shanghaiist reported that this is a trend around the nation.

The surgery can cost in the region of 5000 RMB. But what happens when the opposite happens, and a hospital breaks a virgin’s hymen during a gynecological check-up?

An angry Miss Su shows up at the hospital, image courtesy of Southern Metropolis Daily.

A 25 year-old woman in Shenzhen’s Nanshan District is suing Wuzhou Hospital for 200,000 yuan after just such an accident is said to have occurred on August 11, Southern Metropolis Daily reports.

Su claims to have never had a boyfriend and have no sexual history.

When she went for a check-up, the gynecologist reported that she had vaginitis, but when she went again the next day, she was found to have fresh perineum wounds and claims not to have been given a satisfactory explanation as to what happened.

The hospital denies breaking her hymen but has admitted to an inconsistency in its report. It has refunded the 3,000 yuan it cost Miss Su to have the check-up.

The dean of the hospital Mr. Wang claims that the gynecologist had asked Miss Su whether she had a sexual history, and she said: “Not recently.” Miss Su denies being asked this question.

On August 13, Miss Su showed up at the hospital with her medical records and a forensic book claiming that she is prepared to sue the hospital.

The hospital insists she is getting no more than the 3,000 yuan she has already been refunded.

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