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China Executes Two Foreigners for Drug Trafficking in Guangzhou

Posted: 07/3/2014 1:22 pm

Two people from Uganda were executed in Guangzhou on June 25 after being convicted of drug trafficking. The remains of two are still in China as officials wait for the families to pay for the cost of transport, reports New Vision.

At the time of arrest, Omer Ddamulira and Andrew Ham Ngobi were carrying 28 kg and 15 kg of cocaine, respectively, say sources at the Uganda mission in Beijing. The cocaine they were carrying was worth $2.6 million.

Charles Wagidoso, Uganda’s ambassador to China, said efforts were being made to return the remains of the two men, both of whom were cremated. The Ugandan Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the Ugandan government does not pay for the transportation of Ugandans who die abroad.

Ministry spokesperson Fred Opolot explained said, “Financially it would be an extremely heavy burden,” but expressed optimism that bilateral agreements between China and Uganda will provide for the transfer of prisoners between the two countries, even for convicted drug traffickers and those who have died.

Ngobi’s wife, Marriam Nabbanja, spent months not knowing her husband had been arrested. She was finally told of her husband’s fate by Interpol, but remains unconvinced of Ngobi’s guilt. She said he was a trouble-free man for three years, adding, “Why didn’t they arrest him at the airport when he was entering if indeed he had cocaine?”

Photo: Wikipedia Commons

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