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Uber Expensive F1 Race Car Simulators Launch in Guangzhou

Posted: 06/20/2014 5:14 pm

cruden simulatorThe thrill of getting to drive a Formula One race car isn’t something that many people will ever get to do. But now, the next best thing is available in Guangzhou with the launch of F1 race car simulators at the D2L Entertainment Center (Huan Teng Technology).

Made by Cruden and available in China for the first time, eight of these Hexatech simulators will be linked up so that you can race in real-time with seven of your closest friends.

Valued at $191,000 back in 2009, these simulators will try to offer you something more than just the latest version of Gran Turismo or Forza. Tian Dong, co-founder of Huan Teng Technology, explains:

As Cruden designs all aspects of the simulator in-house, we are already able to plan making a city race track of Guangzhou.

A simulator? To allow you to drive around Guangzhou at over 250 km/h in a F1 car? That doesn’t just sound like a good idea to rock and roll with every night, but also one with which to party with every day.

Alas, like a tortoise shell lobbed from behind, there is a downside to this news: D2L is a private members club, so this isn’t your average arcade where you’ll only need a roll of quarters.

Anyone still not convinced of the newest best thing to do in Guangzhou can watch this video of a Cruden Hexatech simulator at work.

One thing is for sure: even if that thing fit in my living room, the missus would not stand for it.

Photo: Cision

  • The master of none

    Can you go around the circuit in the wrong direction? (for the Chinese drivers that is)

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