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Shenzhen Cops Teach Children How to Use Guns

Posted: 07/17/2014 9:00 am

shenzhen police kids with gunsChildren, if you’re finding this summer vacation to be really boring, the Shenzhen police have a suggestion for you: learn how to shoot a gun.

The Shenzhen Public Security Bureau recently wrote a post on its official Weibo account that told everyone about an event they were holding. Along with demonstrations of rappelling down the sides of buildings and showing off their robots, the Shenzhen police gave a hands-on demonstration for local children in how to wield firearms.

These guns may not have been loaded with ammunition or have been functional weapons, but they certainly look real enough that a Shenzhen child will never be able to touch a gun like it ever again under China’s gun ban.

shenzhen police kids with guns

That is, unless they become a police officer or soldier. Or a criminal.

Comments left on the Shenzhen PSB’s Weibo post include:

I don’t know if teaching children to use guns is a good thing. It’s hard to say.

Excuse me, but does your activity run for a couple of days? I want to bring my child down to have a look!

Kids, uncle (police officer) can’t use them; can you use them?

What kind of an activity is this?

Kid, stop with that sniping, that’s me! [goingwild.emo]

Here are more pictures of Shenzhen children, packing heat:

shenzhen police kids with gunsshenzhen police kids with gunsshenzhen police kids with guns


Photos: Shenzhen PSB

  • The master of none

    Getting them ready for the Japan conflict.
    Lots of brainwashing going on this year to get the hatred up.

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