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Nifty Buckle Popular in China Tricks Cars Into Thinking Seatbelt is Fastened

Posted: 10/15/2014 6:01 pm

seatbelt holderGuangzhou traffic police are ramping up another safety campaign targeting drivers that don’t use seatbelts, a particular problem with the proliferation of a nifty little device that tricks cars into thinking a seatbelt is being used.

seatbelt holderThese devices have the metal fasteners part of the seatbelt, but not the strap. This way the car detects the seatbelt as being fastened, and turns off any warning lights or sounds.

As it is, these fasteners come in a variety styles. Check it out:

seatbelt holderseatbelt holderseatbelt holder

seatbelt holder

Eighty percent of Guangzhou drivers don’t wear seatbelts. The penalty, if caught, is RMB 50.

Photos: gaobe, beishang, safetybelt, jd


Smoke In Cockpit Forces Guangzhou Flight Into Emergency Landing

Posted: 07/31/2014 9:41 am

A China Southern Airlines jetliner

A China Southern Airlines flight bound for Cambodia from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport aborted its journey and returned after smoke filled the cockpit shortly after take-off, reported Nanfang Metropolis Daily.

Flight CZ6059 departed yesterday (July 30) at 11:35 am bound for Phnom Penh, but just a few minutes after takeoff smoke was seen coming out of the cockpit. At that point, the plane was only 1,500 meters off the ground. According to a verified Weibo account on flight information, the plane “smelled like some electronics got burned”, alluding to a possible technical malfunction.

The plane landed safely at Guangzhou airport 19 minutes later with no injures reported. There was no reason given for the malfunction, and the airline arranged for another plane to take the passengers to Cambodia.

This is not the first time that China Southern Airlines has had to abort flights due to a system malfunction. In 2012, a flight from Hangzhou to Guangzhou returned to the airport due to an atmospheric circulation failure that also resulted in smoke in the cockpit, Xinhua reported.

Photos: China News


Watch: ground collapses in Shenzhen, sucking in a guy who was just walking by

Posted: 03/27/2013 3:30 pm

We all know there are dangers in China: food safety, air pollution, even the fear of buildings collapsing on shaky ground.  But at least we can somewhat mitigate against these by being hyper vigilant.

Not so for this threat: the random occurrence of the ground just suddenly giving way. It happened yesterday afternoon in Shenzhen, sucking up a security guard who just happened to be walking past.  He died from his injuries. Take a look at this shocking video:

The incident, which happened in Futian District, opened up a 5-by-8-metre sinkhole that was apparently 4 stories deep.

This isn’t the first time the ground has suddenly given way in China. One of the most recent cases happened in Guangzhou, when a building suddenly collapsed into a sinkhole.

Be careful out there.

Source: Beijing Cream


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