A jilted boyfriend may have lead to bomb scare on Shenzhen Airlines flight

Posted: 02/21/2013 3:25 pm

Another scare in the skies above China early this morning after a flight bound for Shenzhen was forced to turn back because of a bomb scare which was likely the result of a jilted boyfriend.

Shenzhen Airlines flight ZH9786 had just taken off from Hefei Airport in Anhui Province when an anonymous phone call was received that a bomb was on board. Shenzhen Airlines was informed immediately to land at the nearest possible place, which turned out to be Nanchang Airport. Nothing unusual was found on the plane following an inspection, media reports said.

According to Hefei Airport, a man called an airport service telephone to say a woman on board the flight had taken an explosive item on board. The woman was identified when the plane landed, but she wasn’t found to be carrying anything suspicious. Turns out her boyfriend may have been angry after a conflict with the woman, and probably phoned in the threat to embarrass her.

Photo Credit: Life Cherries


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    • They need to make the consequences of phoning in a fake bomb threat very tough on these clowns. Its costly for the airlines and a total inconvenience for the other passengers. The government needs to take these issues seriously. I would be super pissed if someone did this on one of my flights, as I hate flying as it is.

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