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Another step towards the eventual merging of Shenzhen and Hong Kong

Posted: 04/5/2011 11:06 pm

There is a broad plan for connecting the various cities of the Pearl River Delta, but a very specific one for the gradual but unmistakable merger between Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

Although the cities sit on opposite sides of an arbitrary line drawn over 100 years ago, the melding of the two cities (and two very distinct ways of life) are being quickened. There was a time when the only way to Shenzhen was taking the MTR East Rail Line from East Tsim Sha Tsui up to Lo Wu and walking across the bridge. Now, there are two train crossings (with Lok Ma Chau/Futian Kou’an added in 2006), the Huanggang Port, Shenzhen Bay bridge, and Shekou Port. In 2015, you’ll be able to take the high-speed train from the Kowloon waterfront to Futian in a mere 13 minutes, less time than it takes to pass through immigration. Soon, you’ll be able to use a Hong Kong Octopus card on both sides of the boundary (the card will contain both RMB and Hong Kong dollars). Qianhai, in Nanshan District, is being developed into a key financial zone, allowing Hong Kong to further expand outside of its already cramped quarters. And to further connect the two metropolises, we have this (courtesy of the Shenzhen Standard):

Expressways that links Shenzhen and Hong Kong is expected to be finished by 2014. The 32. 8 kilometer long six lane expressways links the Eastern Guangdong with the adjacent provinces Fujian and Jiangxi via the Shenzhen-Huizhou and Shenzhen-Shantou expressways.

After the checkpoint opens the expressways will also link the Hong Kong Tolo Highway via Fanling Highway further improving the overall transport networks between Shenzhen and Hong Kong. The expressways are a key project in the redevelopment of the Pearl River Delta And is said to cost 6.18 billion yuan once approved by the State Council.

The 31 km first phase will include more than 20 kilometers of tunnels and bridges, with interchanging flyovers that connects the expressways with roads in the eastern provinces. The expressways will pass along Wutong Mountain, Fairy Lake Botanical Garden and adjacent to the Shenzhen Reservoir. When the Liantang checkpoint opens in 2018, travel time from Hong Kong to the eastern part of Shenzhen will shorten by 30 minutes. Diverting nearly a third of the cross border vehicles between the transport link from Shenzhen and southern China.

The integration of the Pearl River Delta is a fascinating subject. Much of China’s wealth is concentrated in our little corner of the country, and it’s importance is often overshadowed by Shanghai, the Mainland’s key financial centre. But make no mistake, with the PRD’s rapid integration and development, it will be a leader in the country for decades to come.

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