Canadian astronaut Tweets photo of the PRD from space

Posted: 03/12/2013 2:32 pm

Chris Hadfield is relatively well-known to Canadians as the country’s first astronaut to ever walk in space.  He’s known better internationally, however, for being one of the few social media-savvy astronauts.

Hadfield is currently orbiting our fair planet aboard ISS on Expedition 34. He’s been keeping his 500,000 Twitter followers updated about what’s going on way up there with semi-regular Tweets. Today, he snapped a photo and Tweeted a picture of our very own little corner of the world, the Pearl River Delta:

The text of his Tweet (for those of you not using VPNs), says: “The Pearl River delta is home to 65-120 *million* of us, depending on seasonal work. The logistics overwhelm.”

The photo, which is actually pieced together from a few photos, is in full below. Check out the amazing urban density around the delta, specifically in and around Guangzhou.


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    • Amongst other things I am a part time inter-galactic surgeon and I can see from this picture of this planet that there seems to be some kind of cancer or at best an ulcer eating away at it’s skin.

      To be brutally honest, I am not sure that it can be cured.

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