Guangzhou school principal wants his female students to wear qipao

Posted: 03/27/2013 10:00 am

The principle of the 81 year-old True Light Middle School in Guangzhou has proposed a new rule saying girls must wear qipao, a traditional Chinese skin-tight dress, in class. The principal, Xun Wanxiang, said the move would help the school produce more elegant female graduates, Guangzhou Daily reported on its microblog.

Qipao, courtesy of Baidu images

Some netizens support the move. One said: “In the future, people can send their daughters there to be educated and send their sons there to chase girls.” But certain others questioned the connection between having class and wearing a qipao.

The qipao, also known as the cheongsam, was popularized in Shanghai in the 1920s when the elegant socialites of the day took to wearing it.

There are four True Light Schools in Hong Kong. Last year, a trip was organized for students from the SAR schools to retrace their schools’ roots in Liwan District.


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    • I’m all in favor of Guangzhou girls learning more about being elegant. Guangzhou’s current trend of youth androgyny and lesbianism makes for a sad prospect for the young men of this city. I’m not sure the Qipao uniform would be the right move though. After all isn’t the reason they have girls and boys wear those baggy jogging suits to prevent more unwanted teen pregnancies?

    • Uhm… The principal knows the choengsam was originally a Manchurian design, right? So, why stop at the girls? Let’s dress up the boys to look like young little Wong Fei-hungs, and have them wear queues. Oh wait, but then, that’d be bringing back feudalistic fashion. Dang, just can’t win!

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