Mistress, dumped by Guangdong party boss, calls up six girlfriends to beat him up

Posted: 03/27/2013 7:00 am

Officials in Zhanjiang are invesigating the case of Xuwen County’s deputy party boss Yang Jie, who was allegedly beaten by six women after dumping his mistress, CNNB reports.

Yang Jie in the middle

It was said on Sina Weibo that Yang was beaten by six young women at the Qingshui Bay hotel in the county’s Kaidi Subdistrict on February 26. The post, which was originally published two days later, was deleted by the original poster but one plucky journalist pursued the story.

The journalist who was investigating the case initially struggled to get anybody in the county to talk to him. But eventually he found an eyewitness, and a police investigation is now underway.

Needless to say, the news has gone big on Sina Weibo. One user, weibang20, said: “A party boss who can’t manage his mistresses is not a good party boss.” Another admired the girls’ courage, saying they clearly didn’t fear being discreetly bumped off.

The Qingshui Bay Hotel

Whatever happens, Yang, who first entered the government in 1989, is in trouble from a force even more powerful than a woman scorned.


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