Hero police officer who jumped in the Pearl River to rescue a tourist still missing

Posted: 03/4/2013 1:00 pm

Members of the public are laying flowers at the shores of the Pearl River and praying for policeman Zheng Yilong who has been deemed a modern-day Lei Feng.

Prayers are offered for Zheng Yilong by the side of the river

Zheng has been missing for four days after the tourist fell into the river and Zheng did not hesitate to jump in after. You can see footage of the incident on Zhejiang Satellite Television.

Zheng, who is originally from Chaozhou, is the latest figure to become a media hero in this year that sees the 50th anniversary of Lei Feng’s death.

Members of Zheng’s family comfort each other

Lin Xinhua, the head of Meizhou People’s Hospital, said the society needed examplary figures like Zheng as much as ever, Guangzhou Daily reports.

Strong winds have made the cooperative rescue effort all the more challenging but the various police departments involved in the mission say they have not yet given up hope.

This story has melted even the most cynical hearts on the Chinese blogosphere. One Sina Weibo user said: “Bring this hero back safely.” Another said “I believe he will be okay.” Another said, “Let us wish good luck upon good people,” while many more lit candles.