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Post-90s girl in Guangzhou has boob job to ‘help her career’

Posted: 11/29/2012 8:00 am

A fourth year college student in Guangzhou who is studying to become a secretary has had breast enlargement surgery to help her in the competitive job market, according to local media.

The girl, identified as Xiao Mei, also said she believed it would help her love life. You can read more about what Chinese people consider to be beautiful here.

According to Xiao Mei, most women that get secretarial work in the city are beautiful, elegant and sexy. We told you last week about how competitive it is to get a graduate job in China, so some people use unorthodox methods to set themselves apart.

She borrowed the money from friends to pay for the operation, but said she sees it as an investment rather than simply a luxury. She says her confidence has already improved.

Tan Xindong, president of Guangdong Wujing Plastic Surgery Hospital, said he doubted the surgery would have any long-term effect on her life either way.

In August this year, a Sichuan woman went to have breast enlargement surgery done, but an accident left her with no breasts at all, according to local media. Warning: the video is quite disturbing.

And it’s not just the ladies who are getting in on the action. Last year a 21 year-old man in Jiangsu Province had breast enlargement surgery to evade police, according to Shanghai Daily.


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    • Why is this even a story? People have breast enlargement for similar reasons and other reasons all over the world, although usually it remains a private matter.

      I mean read the headline as “Post-90s girl in Hollywood/LA/London has boob job to ‘help her career’” and you can surely see how un-newsworthy this report is. Unless you were trying to highlight the safety issues re the Sichuan woman, or am I missing something else?

            • Yup, and even more so because moral and ethical boundaries are even more vague and skewed in China. I doubt any kind of cosmetic surgery industry in China would be as well regulated and would be very much open to malpractice and corruption. I’m always shocked at how many anorexic Chinese girls I see. To think that +/-20,000,000 people died of famine 50 years ago and now people are starving themselves because of material societal pressure. What a world eh. Still not convinced that it is a “big trend” yet, although it may well prove to be.

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