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Jeremy Lin Cancels China Tour After Trade To The LA Lakers

Posted: 07/12/2014 11:22 pm

jeremy lin china tourJeremy Lin has prematurely stopped his tour of China in order to fly back to the USA where he was traded to the LA Lakers, reports ESPN.

According to a source, the Houston Rockets have agreed to trade Lin and a first-round draft pick to the LA Lakers. The move comes as several trade rumors have swirled around Lin.

Lin apologized to his fans for cancelling the tour and having to return to the US to “take care of some business” on his Weibo account, but promised to come back soon. He seemed to earn quite a bit of sympathy, judging by the comments:

Welcome to the LA Lakers!

Are you going to blow out the Rockets?

Fine then, I can become a Lakers fan then.

Will you understand if I speak in Chinese? “Lin, in getting rid of the Rockets, I wish you good luck.”

Jiayou! (Pump up! Let’s go!)

If there’s any way, can you send me a pair of running shoes?

(We want you to know) we understand.

The big show at the Lakers, congratulations!

You can change your (Weibo) avatar now.

With the Lakers, you should be happy. [sadface.emo] (This comment received 67 upvotes)

Learn well from (LA point guard Steve) Nash!!

Lin’s tour had stops planned in Guangzhou and Dongguan, the latter being where Lin had played a few games with the Dongguan Leopards in 2011. It’s also where Lin has aspirations to open a basketball school.

Photo: Jeremy Lin Weibo


Going Lin-sane: Jeremy Lin Coming to Guangzhou and Dongguan

Posted: 07/7/2014 1:27 pm

jeremy lin china tourHey, PRD: Are you ready to go Lin-sane? Taiwanese-American basketball sensation Jeremy Lin will soon be coming to Guangzhou and Dongguan as part of his week-long China tour, reports China Post.

Lin announced his arrival in China yesterday on his Weibo account.

Dongguan serves as a homecoming of sorts for Lin, who played a few games with the Dongguan Leopards in 2011. He also returned to the city in 2012 to give a four-day basketball training camp as a precursor to the opening of a fully-fledged basketball school in the city.

Lin begins his ten-day tour of China in Beijing, with other stops scheduled in Wuhan and Shanghai. The Houston Rockets point guard will then travel to Taiwan for a week-long stay starting on July 16.

The China tour takes place at a time when trade rumors have been especially strong concerning Lin. The Milwaukee Bucks and the Philadelphia 76ers are reported to be trying to court Lin while the Houston Rockets have openly tried to enlist the services of Anthony Carmelo.

As per his signed contract, Lin is to be paid $15 million to play for the Houston Rockets next season.


Photo: Weibo


NBA star Jeremy Lin in Dongguan to teach basketball

Posted: 08/20/2012 10:38 am

Asian basketball heartthrob and Houston Rocket Jeremy Lin has returned to his motherland (kind of, as he’s originally from Taiwan) to teach basketball to Chinese youth.  Lin is currently in Dongguan for a 4-day basketball camp, and he’s naturally been swarmed by reporters from the Mainland, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Lin played a few games for the Dongguan Leopards in the CBA last year, so he has a soft-spot for the city.  His short stint in Dongguan resulted in him wanting to give back to the community by opening a basketball school.

Dongguan is actually the site of an official NBA training centre, and that’s where Lin is giving his 4-day course.  He arrived on the weekend, and was greeted by throngs of fans at the airport asking him about everything from basketball to his love of Chinese food.

Lin will head for his native Taiwan after his stay in Dongguan, where he’ll teach more basketball to starry-eyed hopefuls.

(Homepage photo from Oriental Daily News)

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