The guy who blew the whistle on a corrupt Shenzhen cadre has been arrested

Posted: 11/29/2012 1:00 pm

The netizen who accused cadre Zhou Weisi of illegally owning 80 properties and 20 vehicles has been arrested for economic crimes, according to China Daily.

We told you yesterday about Zhou, a cadre of Nanlian Community in Longgang District, who’s accused online of illegally amassing around 2 billion RMB in assets. Now his accuser, Zhou Zujie, has been arrested for suspected false declarations of the registered capital for four companies.

Police said an investigation into Zhou Zujie’s alleged economic crimes began in May, when they received tip-offs from the public claiming that he had falsely reported the registered capital for the companies he set up in 2010. The companies were involved in urban afforestation, urban engineering, property management and cleaning, according to Shenzhen Daily.

Zhou Zujie is also accused to have fraudulently claimed property demolition compensation of more than three million yuan in Guangdong in 2007.

Police said a recent investigation proved that the registered capital for Zhou Zujie’s companies is indeed far less than declared, which finally led to his arrest.

Initially, Zhou Weisi, who has been suspended, said he welcomed the investigation and asserted that he was the target of defamation. At this moment, he is at least not the only person whose reputation is under threat.


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