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With nobody offering help, passed out woman dies amid crowds at Shenzhen subway station

Posted: 02/27/2014 10:37 am

There are countless stories of people in distress who are ignored because of the fear of a scam. We saw it with little Yueyue, a toddler who was run over in Foshan and was stepped over by more than 18 passersby without anybody offering help.

Now we have another distressing case: a 35-year old employee of IBM in Shenzhen was near Exit C of Shui Wan Station on the Shekou Line on February 17 when she passed out and collapsed, falling on some stairs. The woman eventually signalled for help, according to surveillance video, but nobody did. She moved in and out of consciousness, injured on the stairs, for almost an hour before medical personnel arrived.

Here’s a timeline of the events, according to Nandu Daily:

10:29am — Liang Ya collapses on the steps of Exit C at Shui Wan Station

10:29am — Immediately after the fall, several people are seen looking away and passing by without offering help

10:32am — A woman stopped to notice Liang Ya and notified metro staff

10:35am — Two metro staff arrive with walkie-talkies. They are seen in the surveillance video speaking into walkie talkies and standing by Liang Ya, but not examining her in any way.

11:04am — Liang Ya had been laying there for 30 minutes when police rushed to the scene. She was unresponsive to questioning and touch. The police and metro staff continued to guard the scene.

11:18am — An ambulance finally arrives and Liang Ya is pronounced dead at the scene.

Needless to say, her parents are heartbroken. There is some anger that metro staff didn’t do anything to help beyond stand there and wait. Liang Ya can apparently be seen in the surveillance video shaking and struggling to move, but wasn’t offered any help.

(h/t @MissXQ)

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